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Lincoln Memorial Tagged with Anti-Police Graffiti Amid Leftist Uprisings Nationwide

The American political left has been wildly emboldened in recent days after the Battle of Charlottesville in Virginia.

In the quiet town of Charlottesville, a group comprised of neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and others had gathered to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, claiming that the monument represented American history.  Violent leftist counter protesters clashed with the always-despicable white supremacist groups, creating chaos that left three people dead and several dozen more injured.

Now, across the nation, liberals are attempting to rewrite history either through political pressure or direct action.

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Atlanta has been the site of two such incidents as a gubernatorial candidate has suggested destroying the world’s largest bas-relief sculpture, and millennial miscreants climbed upon and defaced a monument to peace that they idiotically believed was a Confederate statue.

In North Carolina, police are searching for a group of young liberals who toppled a statue simply to take “selfies” and post their “activism” to their social media accounts.

Now, a familiar sentiment among the radical left has been spray painted on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

“Authorities in the nation’s capital are searching for a vandal after the Lincoln Memorial was spray painted with explicit graffiti early Tuesday.

“The National Park Service said it was working to remove the graffiti after it was discovered at about 4:30 a.m., FOX 5 DC reported.

“The graffiti, which was done in red spray paint on a column, appears to say ‘F*** law.'”

There are certainly very few conservative millennials who would risk arrest to make such a childish statement.

These incidents are indicative of a rise in leftist violence over the course of Donald Trump’s fledgling presidency that has no end in sight.  As the President himself pointed out today, the so-called “alt left” is an active and vicious group that deserves their fair share of the blame for our nation’s current divisiveness and anger.

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