Limbaugh: “The Trump Transition Team Is Not Imploding, The Media Is Imploding.”

Rush Limbaugh hit the mainstream media from all sides on Wednesday’s show. He effectively exposed the media’s inability to comprehend their loss of relevance.

For decades, the mainstream media has enjoyed an unopposed monopoly in driving American thought. Thanks to social media and Donald Trump, that ultimate control is gone.

Just days ago the New York Times rededicated itself to honesty.   However, the paper tried to derail the Trump Train by falsely claiming:

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Firings and Discord Put Trump Transition Team in a State of Disarray.” 

A quick look at history proves just the opposite.

According to Ari Fleischer, most president-elects take time to make appointments.  He posted this last Saturday.

It turns out, Trump’s transition team is one of the most aggressive teams in history.  Trump has appointed more positions at this time than any president since George H. W. Bush.  However, the media characterizes him as falling apart and losing focus.  Reminder, we are just in week 2.

Limbaugh did not pull any punches as he gleefully proclaimed,

“The Trump transition team is not imploding, folks.  It is getting set to kick ass.”

He continued,

“The way people need to look at this is that Trump is able to make bold decisions at the moment he thinks necessary.  He doesn’t languish over them.  He doesn’t wring his hands.  He makes up his mind and makes the move.”

As a businessman, Trump is no stranger to replacing people who are not fulfilling his goals. Apparently a foreign concept to those entrenched in big government.  News flash – this is how successful entities thrive. Any changes to his team, the media labels as implosive. Trump supporters recognize it as just good business management.

Tuesday night, the media’s hysteria exploded once again because Trump went to dinner. Trump dared to leave Trump Tower without informing them of his plans. He did not hide what he was doing. Trump just found no need for their involvement.

Still, that did not stop NBC from running the headline:

As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner, Incoming Admin Already Showing Lack of Transparency.

Rush eloquently criticized the media for their meltdown putting the Trump Administration into perspective.

“It’s a new day where everybody in the administration doesn’t first take into account what the media is going to say or do before they do or say anything.  Trump is gonna be who he is.  He’s not gonna be talked out of it or influenced off of it.  He’s gonna be who he is.  He’s gonna continue to try to live as normal a life as he can.”

After eight years of lying and covering up for the Obama Administration, the media is now pretending that they care about presidential secrecy.

This is the same media that still has yet to ask Obama where he was the night Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, and former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were being abandoned by the US Government.

These offended “journalists” saw no issue with Hillary hiding her emails on a private server or Obama lying that he didn’t know about it. In fact, they declare Obama the most transparent president we’ve ever had. If that is their definition of transparency, it is no wonder they don’t get Trump.

The presidential press corps has lived under the impression for far too long that no president can live or breathe without their knowledge. Their relevance has been greatly exaggerated. This arrogance will never allow them to understand a Trump victory, or the American people for that matter.

The media does not grasp that America does not need their never-ending analysis anymore. While they were too busy to report on Benghazi or Hillary Clinton’s lies, they are now having a nervous breakdown because Trump didn’t invite them to dinner. Their lack of any sort of self-examination proves their demise is warranted and necessary.

The mainstream media has so misrepresented Middle America that even if they do report anything truthfully, nobody believes them anymore. As Limbaugh said, a new age has come with the Trump presidency.

The Founder considered the media a fourth branch of government. They were a proper check and balance on the three main branches of government. The media abandoned that duty long ago for profit and power. Even so, they claim to have rediscovered their purpose. Evidence has yet to be given to prove such a transformation.  I will continue not holding my breath.

But that’s just my two cents


Pamela Adams

Pamela J. Adams maintains which includes her blog Liberating Letters. She is a stay-at-home mom who began researching history, science, religion, and current events to prepare for home schooling. She started Liberating Letters as short lessons for her daughter and publishes them for everyone’s benefit. Pamela has a Degree in Mathematics and was in the workforce for 20 years as a teacher, Marketing Director, Manager and Administrative Assistant. She has been researching her personal family history for over 24 years, publishing 3 books on her family’s genealogy. Follow her @PJA1791 & You can find her books Here.

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