LifeWay Drops Hatmaker’s Books

As a Southern Baptist, I have long been troubled by LifeWay’s business habits. It seemed, at least to me, that the bookseller was willing to sell anything that was popular. The bookstore was, after all, an arm of the SBC and should have the same ethical and doctrinal standards. But almost anything that labeled itself Christian was sold there. But that has changed.

The large SBC chain has taken a stand. It is not a surprising stand. It seems to be a no-brainer, but at least it is a stand.

Christian News reports

But last week, (Jen) Hatmaker broke from her evangelical base, telling Religion News Service columnist Jonathan Merritt that she supports same-sex marriage and believes LGBT relationships can be holy. Such statements followed a social media post this April in which Hatmaker called for LGBT inclusion in churches.

Her recent comments prompted LifeWay Christian Stores, the large Southern Baptist bookseller that published her 2012 bestseller “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess,” to discontinue selling her Bible studies and books.

This points to the fact that there is a continued divide running through the Evangelical culture. Many, holding only to what the Scriptures teach, condemn the practice of homosexuality. Other Evangelicals, seemingly swayed by cultural norms, have felt that the Church should allow those in civil unions to have a place within the church.

Mrs. Hatmaker is not alone in her stance within the “Evangelical” culture. Many have decided that they want to include the homosexual and his practices.

And so far, they have been shunned by their fellows.

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