Life in Outer Space, or Money Pit for America?

NASA recently made a big announcement. The scientific world is excited…

But what’s really going on?

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Let me give you a hint: follow the money.

Everybody knows the Democrats are big spenders who favor big government. There’s always a need for more government spending to “help” some special group of people or businesses. Every vote for a larger government results in an incremental loss of individual liberty for you and me.

Well, the government bureaucrats take another angle, too, when it comes to raking in money from otherwise hard-nosed conservatives: the promise of expanding NASA’s budget.

Turns out, Democrats aren’t the only big spenders in government.

Everybody loves NASA, Democrats and Republicans alike. It’s a fact that the biggest 2016 Republican Presidential candidates favored protecting or increasing NASA funding (except Rand Paul, of course, who wanted to cut it by 25%).

Technically minded engineers tend to vote more conservatively, but they still favor spending on NASA. That’s because they’ve had poor training in free market economics.

That’s because most attended public schools. Most have never heard of

Anyway, if your goal is to increase government spending, then simply find programs that conservatives and progressives both appreciate. Then sell them. Hard.

NASA is one such program. That’s why puff pieces like this recent one surface from time to time. NASA represents less than 1% of the total federal budget, but every dollar counts — especially when we’re talking about 19 billion of them.


Here’s the scoop. NASA announced that it discovered seven planets about the same size as Earth. They are orbiting some star about 40 light-years away from earth…


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