Library Chases Away Blacks

The Nashville Public Library isn’t likely to win any liberal friends this week after telling the local Black Lives Matter group that it’s not welcome there.

The reason? The group’s racist no-whites meeting policy is prohibited on public property.

The crybullies at Black Lives Matter claim the library cancelled all its scheduled meetings, but library officials say that’s not what happened.

The Tennessean reported library spokeswoman Emily Waltenbaugh said, “The library didn’t cancel anyone’s meeting. We’re a library. We’re taxpayer-funded. We have to be open to anyone, anytime.”

Upon being informed of the egalitarian rules, the Black Lives Matter chapter instead moved its meeting to a nearby church.

Organizer Joshua Crutchfield said the Nashville BLM chapter has a rule that only blacks and non-black people of color can attend meetings. White people are not welcome, in other words.

BLMhateThe group had been meeting at a branch library, but when a patron complained about the racist group, library officials looked into the matter and informed BLM that their no-whites meeting rule was not allowed.

In his announcement of the meeting’s move, Crutchfield complained about “white supremacy in our local government.”

“We were surprised about it, but we shouldn’t have been,” Crutchfield said. “We kind of know the history about how this goes in this country. … It’s definitely something we want to make public to tell people what’s going on in the city.”

For the city’s part, a mayoral spokesman said the library properly enforced its own policy, and the decision has nothing to do with BLM’s politics.

Members of Black Lives Matter apparently don’t get it. Crutchfield tweeted: “Let’s be clear: @BLM_Nashville meetings are safe spaces for black folks and non-black POC.”

The library made the right call. Its policies must be enforced equally and fairly despite any potential political controversy.

BLM may have been honored recently by President Obama, but it is one of the most racist and racially divisive things he has done while in office.

Black Lives Matter leaders and members are tone deaf to their own bleating racism, which they rattle off easily and regularly in their ongoing caterwauling for political privileges under the guise of social justice.

Any good that may have existed in the origins of Black Lives Matter — if there ever was any good in it — has long ago vanished and the group descended into the depths of self-parody only to re-emerge as the 21st century’s Bizarro World KKK.

Black activists may think the shoe is at long last on the other foot, but it’s still the same damn supremacist jackboot goosestepping to the cadence of racial division and hatred.

Whatever racism BLM activists think they’re facing is unlikely to be mended by their spewing of the same sort of bile.

Instead of using the library as a stage for their own skin-based political hustle, BLM would do better to make more traditional use of the library’s facilities by checking out books and bringing education back to their communities.



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