Liberals writing jokes for Conservatives?

This is the beauty of the free market: no one is being forced to make money catering to the demands of Conservative viewers…

It’s no shock at how liberal television has become. With programming that decisively undermines the family, it’s incredible that “ABC Family” had the gall to keep their name for so long. They finally changed it to “Freeform” at the beginning of 2016. “Friends” in the 1990s acted like random sex with strangers was actually pretty cool, normalizing that kind of self-destructive behavior. The only one of the “Friends” who had issues with it, Chandler, was constantly ridiculed and shamed because he had fewer “notches” than everyone else.

But, as it turns out, there’s still a market for shows that promote Conservative values. There’s a contingent of viewers out there that dislikes Hillary, hates Obamacare, and abhores big government. And yet there are few shows that cater to that audience.


One that does is Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing.” Premiering in 2011, it quickly became a success story. Tim Allen was reluctant to return to TV after his big hit previously with “Home Improvement.” But, he was talked into it.

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He insisted on having more comedic freedom. Tim Allen, the professing Christian who has admitted that it is difficult being a Conservative in Hollywood, let loose with his creativity, producing great results: a politically offensive show to liberals that consistently brings the laughs.

The recent season 6 finale inserted several jabs at the left. For example, Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen, told his daughter that there’s just one book we need to read word-for-word. His daughter guessed he must be talking about the Bible.


Mike corrected her…

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