Liberals’ War On Christmas Has A New Target That You Won’t Believe

While some in the satirical media have shrugged off or mocked the idea of a War On Christmas, the liberal left refuses to consider a ceasefire.

Up until this point, the most quintessential example of this politically correct nightmare came to us from Starbucks; purveyors of coffee facsimiles and social justice.  When the left-leaning company decided to remove all traces of Christmas from their stores, (in exchange for a more generic “winter” and “holiday” theme), Americans were wholly incensed.  The franchise’s need for theoretical Social Justice points had usurped their dedication to the American people and the nation that birthed their overpriced java empire.

A new claim to the throne has emerged in the Kingdom of Political Correctness, however, in the form of a Boston University professor and his absurd rant regarding the song “Jingle Bells”.

“Boston University theater professor Kyna Hamill argues the song has ‘racist origins’ and was first performed in blackface as a mockery of African Americans.

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“’As I mentioned in my article, the first documented performance of the song is in a blackface minstrel hall in Boston in 1857, the same year it was copyrighted,’ the professor told Fox News. ‘Much research has been done on the problematic history of this nineteenth-century entertainment.’

“’The legacy of “Jingle Bells” is one where its blackface and racist origins have been subtly and systematically removed from its history,’ wrote Hamill in a research paper, called Theatre Survey.

“’Although “One Horse Open Sleigh,” for most of its singers and listeners, may have eluded its racialized past and taken its place in the seemingly unproblematic romanticization of a normal “white” Christmas, attention to the circumstances of its performance history enables reflection on its problematic role in the construction of blackness and whiteness in the United States,’ wrote the professor.

“According to Hamill, the song’s ‘origins emerged from the economic needs of a perpetually unsuccessful man, the racial politics of antebellum Boston, the city’s climate, and the intertheatrical repertoire of commercial blackface performers moving between Boston and New York.'”

That’s right, folks; “Jingle Bells” is now considered inappropriate by the leftist SJW’s who somehow believe they have dominion over Christmas.

By the time the radical left is finished with their decades-long temper tantrum, there will be nothing left of Christmas.  They have already denounced the Salvation Army, the whole “Christ” connection to “Xmas”, and the story of Jesus’ birth.  Now, with entire catalogs of songs being attacked, the “holiday” season itself is looking more frightful than the weather outside.


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