Since When Do Liberals Have the Right to Define “Who We Are” As a Nation?

“That’s not who we are.” Anyone who watches the news must be aware of this slogan tossed out by the so-called morally superior to remind us of our ignorance or hard-heartedness. It is designed to produce guilt, confession, contrition and conformity in the minds of those who stray from the liberal – or even conservative orthodoxy.   It has come into fashion since Donald Trump erupted on the political stage and dared say the unthinkable on many issues. Establishment Republicans raise the charge when Donald Trump steps on their favorite political clichés. The phrase is most often used with regard to Trump’s statement on illegal Muslim immigrants or – the politically correct term – “undocumented” immigrants: “Build a wall,” and limit, or even “send back (unvetted) Muslim refugees.” Candidate Hillary cries, “We don’t build walls, let us build bridges.” All the while a higher wall is being built around the White House, and our bridges are crumbling. Those who subscribe to Trump’s politically incorrect notions are accused of having hearts of stone, being Muslim haters, followed by “That’s not who we are.”

Donald Trump’s point regarding refugees is that, with the onslaught of the displaced from war-torn Middle East nations, large groups such as ISIS with an agenda are, with this administration’s blessing, slipping in with the legitimate refugees putting Americans at great risk. Common sense would tell us to protect our own country first. That is not the right answer today. Common sense has been replaced by political expediency/correctness.

But let us address the question of who we are, or as Sen. [score]Ben Nelson[/score] said after the recent bloody massacre in Orlando: “Let’s explore who we are as a people. Who we are began with a document called The Declaration of Independence. It guaranteed Colonists the rights endowed ‘by their Creator,’ such as the right to ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”

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But the America of President George Washington is a far cry from the transformed America of Barack Obama. Today, God and/or the Judeo/Christian pedestal upon which America rested has been pushed over to make way for the god of expediency. More serious is the contempt the Left holds for our Constitution, which they believe is a living document to be altered at will and subject to the whims of politicians.

This incredible document has actually been so twisted that it is used to support a policy that denies life to millions of innocent unborn and even born babies. How shall we then explain the emotional outpouring of grief at the death of one old gorilla whose life had to be taken to save a child? Who are we? Certainly it’s hard to tell from the schizophrenic view we hold on human life.

Well, how about liberty? Are we all united in our love of liberty? Unfortunately liberty has been subsumed by license to challenge – often violently – the liberties of those who hold views that are antithetical to liberal dogma. Nowhere is the abridgement of rights more apparent than on college campuses where conservative speech is held in contempt, and even worse, denied. We have become so confused by the collective administrators of leftist propaganda that academics who dare to deny that global warming, for example, is the greatest threat humanity faces are condemned and even punished. Can we then boast that we are a tolerant people when tolerance is so selective?

To sum up, we cannot honestly answer the question of who we are because we have allowed the left to define us; it is their rules we have to play by. We are who they say we are. Without a fighter like Trump, how shall we ever escape from those who want to control every aspect of our lives? Political correctness has overwhelmed the political class. It has overwhelmed common sense.

So when you next hear, “That’s not who we really are,” know that you are being conned by an elitist, self-serving, hypocritical pundit or politician with an agenda – or maybe just a wimp with low self-esteem.

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