Bill Nye

Liberals Rewrite Bill Nye History to Push Transgender Agenda

Bill Nye The “Science” Guy is back with a new Netflix series, humbley titled “Bill Nye Saves The World”, and one particular episode is causing an uproar for parents around the country.

Given that Nye is a die hard liberal with an engineering degree, what would be more natural than to have the television personality teaching our children about the birds and the bees, right?  Especially given that the bow-tied buffoon has already covered that subject on his now-canceled television series “Bill Nye The Science Guy”.  Well, now that leftists have hijacked reproductive biology, Nye has been forced to amend his previous lesson.

In the 2017 series, Nye demonstrates the strange, new liberal idea that both sex and gender are non-binary.  That is to say that a person’s gender, and the sex to which they identify, appear on a scale as opposed to in a check box labeled “male” or “female”.  Nye pushes this bizarre play even further, claiming that attraction is also subject to a scattering of possibilities, including the ludicrous “pansexual” and “asexual” ideologies.

Of course, Bill Nye is not speaking the truth here, rather, he is perpetuating a new movement by the left in which they further segregate society in order to more easily identify democratic voters.  You see, these tertiary genders and sexes are prime fodder for liberal political campaigns as nearly the entire population who identify against their biological gender vote democrat.  What the left has framed as a social justice campaign is truly nothing more than a sickening attempt to bring these fringe citizens to the front of the class where they can be handed voter registration paperwork and sent to the ballot box.

One of the most damning problems with Nye’s new version of reality, however, is that his 1990’s personality clearly explained to children that “chromosomes determine gender”.  Now that this science no longer supports the whims of the liberal voter outreach movement, Nye has been forced to change.

“So what?”, you might ask.  It’s easy enough for the world to go back and see that Bill Nye has hypocritically changed his tune based on the wild hare that has found its way into the democratic derriere.

Well, not so fast.  It seems that Netflix is now complicit in the coverup of Billy Nye’s original, factual accounting of gender and sex, having removed his chromosome lesson from the decades-old original lesson.

And that, ladies and gentlemen (and whatever else you wish to be called), is how you whitewash your own factual, scientific reasoning for the purpose of promoting an agenda aimed at garnering votes for democrats hellbent on exploiting Americans who they themselves have disenfranchised.

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