Liberals Rage Against Beach Selfie That “Disrespected” Dead Shark

The liberal left’s anger issues are getting out of hand, and the fact that they are actively looking to be “triggered” at all times is simply disturbing.

It is nearly impossible to turn on the television, open your Facebook account, or listen to the radio without hearing all about someone’s feelings being hurt by something that occurred out there in the world around them…even if that event had no personal connection to those claiming to be offended.  Politics are certainly an enormous part of this, with all of the left’s “cool kids” jumping aboard the “resistance” racket in order to virtue-signal their way into someone’s pants.

Let’s just call it like it is:  Manufactured outrage is meant to make you look more attractive by espousing your personal feelings loudly, boisterously, and without regard for logic or reality.  This is not conducive to political efficacy in the least, but it certainly does motivate young voters; the only thing that the democratic party truly cares about.

When these looney liberals tire of railing against the President, and their insatiable thirst for anger cannot be slaked, they begin to search for something to rage against.

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In today’s episode of “The Left Has Gone Insane”, they are raging over the feelings of a dead shark.

A marine biologist investigating the body of a great white shark washed up Sunday on a California beach didn’t think twice about asking a colleague to pose next to the carcass.

Giancarlo Thomae said he snapped a photo of the shark, found in Aptos, California, using the woman to provide scale while they awaited other colleagues with more equipment.

“We got down there because the tide was running in,” Thomae said, adding he was concerned about the shark’s body washing out to sea before it could be properly investigated.

But Thomae wasn’t prepared for what happened when TV station KSBW posted the photo on Facebook — readers called the photo disrespectful.

That’s right:  A photograph of a dead shark, with a marine biologist laying next to it for a size comparison, is now offensive to dead sharks.

“This could not be more messed up … A dead shark is not a photo op,” wrote one person.

“This was once a living being and it’s just ok to lay next to it smiling? This is appalling aaaannnnnd i’m angry. Justice needs to be had,” read another comment.

“That photo is just creepy and disrespectful,” wrote one person. “Taking selfies really? Have some Effing RESPECT! Don’t care if she’s a ‘scientist’ it’s tasteless,” read another comment.

Thomae said the photo wasn’t taken for fun and wasn’t intended to be disrespectful.

“As a biologist and a nature-lover, it makes me happy that people care so much about wildlife,” Thomae said. “I’m sorry if my photo offended anyone, but we just needed scale for reference.”

These are the same sort of people who dance on graves of dead kids in an attempt to defy the Founding Fathers’ inalienable belief in the Second Amendment…remember that.



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