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Liberals Pounce on Trump for Clover-Shamrock Mixup on MAGA Hats


Donald Trump:  Real estate mogul.  Business behemoth.  President.  Willfully ignorant fashionista?

That last title may be a bit of a stretch in reality, but the liberals have never truly been concerned with reality.

Donald Trump’s iconic white on red “Make America Great Again” cap has taken the nation by storm, becoming one of the most iconic pieces of fashion in decades.  Now, for Saint Patrick’s Day, the Trump team has decided to produce a limited edition gold-on-green version of the cap to capture the spirit and vigor of the holiday, complete with a four-leaf clover embroidered onto the back.  And that’s where the trouble lies.

You see, the four leaf clover is not a symbol associated with the luck of the Irish, although it is considered lucky by most other cultures.  The Irish actually exalt the Shamrock, a 3-leafed variant that represents the Holy Trinity.  This is an extremely common mixup, but that hasn’t stopped liberal Twitter users from going to town on the President for the common error.

“Critics are going nuts. Team Trump’s attempt to sell St Patrick’s Day-themed ‘Make America Great Again’ hats failed after a major design error.

“The limited edition green version of President Trump’s red hats was advertised for the holiday but sent Twitter users into a meltdown.

“Some accused the president of having the $50 caps made in China but all of the products on Trump’s clothing website are made in the US, according to the site.”

And, just like that, leftists have turned a common error into the end of the world as we know it, even making the false accusation that these hats were not made in the United States.

It is exactly this sort of ridiculous behavior that leads many to avoid engaging with these ravenous progressives in any sort of meaningful debate.  When they are willing to spend this enormous amount of time and energy on a simple botanical mixup, you know that you’re in for an extremely asinine argument on anything of substance.


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