Liberals Now Excusing Chicago Hate Crime as Not “Trying to be Criminal”

As noted by Howard Portnoy, CNN had its commentator on Tuesday creating an exception to the “hate crime” principle so that the enormities committed by the Chicago Four against a disabled man while they shouted ‘F**k Trump!” and “F**k white people!” could be talked away.

Now MSNBC weighs in.  Our colleague Joe Newby and the Daily Caller picked up on the comments made by MSNBC correspondent Ron Mott during a discussion of the horrific attack, which reportedly went on for up to 48 hours, and was streamed live for part of the time on Facebook.

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Mott stipulated that what the perps had done was, yeah, kidnapping, torture, breaking and entering, auto theft, and an attempt to collect ransom from the young victim’s parents.

“Well, you look at it on the surface and you think kids can make some really poor decisions from time to time,” Mott said.  “But when you add in the criminal element here, the fact that they stole someone’s vehicle, the fact that they apparently broke into a house where this alleged attack took place, the fact that they, you know, physically harmed this young person, held him against his will and then apparently, you know, texted the parents demanding some sort of monetary exchange to send him home.”

But, like CNN’s Symone Sanders, he added a note of caution as well.  These 18-to-24-year-old “kids,” all of whom are adults in the eyes of the law, don’t seem to have been really trying to behave criminally.

“It goes beyond just stupid decisions by kids,” he added. “But because they made so many errors, if they were truly trying to be criminal, to obviously broadcast your crime is not a smart thing to do.”

Um, OK.  So where do we go with that?  They sure enough engaged in kidnapping, torture, breaking and entering, auto theft, and an attempt to collect ransom from the young victim’s parents.  But they did these things stupidly, so…we should alter our mindset about these crimes in some way?


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