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Liberal’s “New Fascism” Seizes Control of Town, Parade Canceled For Fear of Violence

The intolerant leftists of our nation have been constructing a movement within their ranks in recent months simply known as “New Fascism”.

The movement, which has allowed liberals the chance to segregate and discriminate against conservatives based solely on political allegiances, has been rolled out en masse at any and all republican, or Trump supporting, gatherings.  Ironically, the mainstream media has injected the term “Antifa” into the dialogue to describe these bipartisan bigots as being “anti fascist”, when, in fact, they are merely Stalin-esque silencers of opinions that differ from their own.

While the mainstream media may never come around to the concept of New Fascism, they certainly adore giving these violent miscreants attention in the form of news coverage.  It’s a trick of perception that they are committing:  Instead of the viewer believing that these violent acts are careless, reckless, and childish, the mainstream media will run footage of these brazen encounters with enormous text headlines linking the images on the screen back to President Trump.  The uninitiated will likely succumb to the not-so-subliminal tactic, and believe in their underlying consciousness that these horrible acts only occurred because of something to do with Donald Trump.

Now, with these New Fascists springing up across the nation, one locale has been forced to cancel a traditional parade for fear of an attack by this liberal army.

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“Organizers of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade announced Tuesday that the event will be canceled, for fear that the east Portland parade could be disrupted by ‘the type of riots which happen in downtown Portland.’

“Originally scheduled this Saturday, April 29, the parade is meant to highlight the local community and businesses along Southeast 82nd Avenue, aiming to turn around the negative perception many people have of the area. It started in 2007 and has since become a popular event on the Rose Festival calendar.

“This year’s parade was once again set to feature the Multnomah County Republican Party as one of the many groups slated to march, but that inclusion drew ire from some of the city’s left-leaning protest groups.

“At least two protests were planned for the day of the parade, one by Oregon Students Empowered and another by Direct Action Alliance. Both events were mentioned in an email sent to parade organizers on Saturday, threatening to shut down the event with hundreds of protesters in the street.

“’You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,’ the anonymous email said, telling organizers they could cancel the Republican group’s registration or else face action from protesters. ‘This is non-negotiable.’

“The parade is organized by the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association, a part of the neighborhood business organization Venture Portland. Representatives from neither organization returned calls for comment.”

Once again, the American left is dictating the application of free speech in our nation – the truest treason that  an occur in our nation of liberty.

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