Liberals Love a Good Traffic Jam!

Governor Chris Christie’s and Bloomberg’s Love of Traffic Jams

Gov. Christ Christie’s allies, Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly, have taken the fall for Bridge gate.  Christie’s  crew wanted to get back against a mayor who didn’t support Christie’s re-election. Christie may or may not have been involved.  He wasn’t implicated.

It seems insane to use traffic jams to punish a Democrat detractor.  But in New York Democrat De Blasio himself is engineering  traffic jams to favor  bikers and pedestrians. At the heart of his insanity is unprovable climate change.  You know, the thing Obama considers more dangerous than jihadists.

De Blasio is too tall. I wonder if the oxygen from his lungs can’t reach his brain. He is a recipient of shorty Bloomberg’s ideas to reduce the carbon footprint of cars.

De Blasio is also trying to reduce deaths from speeding.  Our tall and short mayors are so ideologically driven that they don’t care if we hurt innocent drivers by causing congestion and traffic jams.

Christie and De Blasio are thinking dangerously. They are less violent imitations of jihadists who don’t care who they hurt if it promotes their religion or their political positions.

It’s ironic that De Blasio thinks he will reduce pedestrian deaths by traffic jams yet these very deaths have increased this year.

The days of dreamer politicians should be over.  It’s time that we had pragmatic, roll-up-your-sleeves thinkers like Trump.  Not spiteful officials who worry about their positions.

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