Liberals Look to Derail ‘#MeToo’ As Deviant Dems Drop Like Flies

The liberal left may want you to believe that they are champions of equality and women’s rights, but their actions certainly don’t align with how they run their mouths.

Over the course of 2017, the United States has been in the grips of a societal sexual awakening in which traditional American values have come back to the forefront.   No longer are we allowing women’s claims of sexual misconduct be labeled as falsehoods, nor are we allowing their abusers the opportunity to exploit their wealth, fame, or political power in order to silence these brave voices.  It’s chivalry weaponized, and the liberals absolutely hate it.

Why on earth would the left loathe such a virtuous revolution, especially after working so hard to play the part of social justice junkies?  The answer is simple:  The accused are nearly entirely from the left side of American culture.

Now, in an article written for The Week, a liberal rag if there ever was one, author Shikha Dalmia has finally published what many on the left hoped was coming – a damning of the #MeToo movement that not only calls for the end of this all-too-important sexual revolution, but also shames the victims who have already come forward.

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Dalmia’s asinine drivel begins with a statement that contradicts the very ethos of American society:

“Movements collapse when they become more interested in collecting heads than advancing their cause. Unfortunately, the very worthy #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and abuse might have just reached that point.

“Last Friday, #MeToo took down Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Henderson, the editorial page editor of the liberal Detroit Free Press (or Freep as it is called locally). Henderson was fired for ‘inappropriate behavior’ — even though no women actively complained about it — that allegedly violated the newspaper’s ‘zero tolerance policy.’ But if this standard — both too vague and too strict — is going to be religiously enforced on workplace interactions in the post-Harvey Weinstein era, few men — or, women, for that matter — will ever feel safe in their jobs.”

From there, the author continues to rain doubt on the accusations of the literally thousands of women who joined the cultural revolution around the #MeToo social media avenue.

“But there is something quasi-totalitarian when a company starts going after employees for victimless behavior that has been retroactively branded as inappropriate. It might also end up targeting women who engage in ‘sexually themed’ conversations — replacing the fear of sexual harassment with that of HR inquisitions.'”

There is absolutely no excuse for the diatribe being spewed forth by the triggered Dalmia.  Very simply, her flippant and nonchalant dismissal of any accusations against liberal figureheads not only sets women back decades, but belies her understanding that this whole “situation” is dismantling the liberal facade of tolerance in the age of an American conservative awakening.


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