Why do Liberals like Sally Kohn Believe the Government could ever Produce ‘Clean Energy’?

As I was working this morning to earn money to feed my family (I know, missed the deadline to collect my ‘white privilege’ paycheck), I was listening to an episode of Steven Crowder’s show where he interviewed Sally Kohn. During this segment (watch the video here), Sally made a comment claiming that a majority of Americans – including Republicans – believe in climate change and agree that we need better policies to deliver more clean, affordable energy.

Ok, Sally. We could debate the merits of that statement and its accuracy to the actual polling (read that here) but I’m sure that’s been said and done a thousand times, and here we are continually at odds with one another as liberals and conservatives. Let me to just make two points on this…

First, allow me to provide for you some invaluable insight into the mind of a conservative answering a pollster’s question on climate change. If I had to provide my position on climate change just a few sentences, it would be this:

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Yes, climate change exists in the sense that the climate on the earth is always changing. We go from summer to winter in a span of months. We go from ice ages to… well, not-ice-ages in a span of thousands of years. This cycle seems to naturally occur regardless of what human activity was taking place.

No, I don’t believe climate change is being caused by mankind’s activities. It isn’t logical to me that carbon dioxide is a pollutant when most of the planet consumes it to produce oxygen.

No, I don’t agree that destroying the world’s economy and regressing our standard of living to a time prior to burning kerosene for light is the best way react, nor do I think we should do so just because the earth’s temperature changed a fraction of a degree over a period of decades. Do you realize we came out of an ice age before the invention of matches let alone SUV’s?

So when a pollster calls me up and says “Excuse me sir or madam, do you believe climate change is occurring?”, my answer is probably going to be yes, the climate is changing all the time. Then the pollster is going to write a conclusion that gives ammunition to liberals like you to go out and falsely proclaim to the world that a majority of Americans, including Republicans, support climate change policies, yada, yada, yada.

Here is a quick reality check about a majority of Republicans honestly supporting government policies to take on climate change – no we don’t. Most of America (including Democrats) think climate change is bogus, or at least doesn’t consider it a high priority, and we don’t trust the government to deal with it anyways, which brings me to my next point…

What is it about government that gives you any confidence that they can produce clean energy via ‘smart climate policy’? By my count, the government agencies that we already have who are supposed to support whatever their name suggests aren’t very good at producing, well, anything…

  • Department of Agriculture – produces no food. None. If we had to rely on the Department of Agriculture to eat, we’d be extinct as a human race.
  • Department of Commerce – by their very existence can only harm commerce by standing between businesses and consumers who would otherwise interact more freely. When exactly was the last time you left a Walmart store with an overwhelming amount of gratitude for Department of Commerce? No one does, they just thank the Walmart greeter at the door and, by extension, Walmart. Companies (producers) and people (consumers) produce commerce, not government.
  • Department of Defense – Does defend us, yes, with weapons and materials produced in the private sector, but you liberals don’t much care for guns, the military, or the companies that support them (read: Halliburton), so we’re just going to throw this one out.
  • Department of Education – do you really want to claim this department as a model of successful government, liberals? Everyone knows America’s education system is dreadful and the government has been running the show for decades. Tell me again why we should trust government to fix anything?
  • Department of Energy – Produce zero energy per year, which will power my home for approximately zero seconds, which will heat my oven to roughly zero degrees and cook my chicken to an internal temperature of ‘cold and raw’. I could easily make the case that this department is detrimental to my family’s health. They also produce no technological advancements and no clean energy (a concept that I find to be nonsensical since it takes setting large amounts of something on fire at some point in order to produce anything today, including and especially electricity).
  • Department of Health and Human Services – They don’t offer any healthcare to anyone or advance the medical industry in any way, shape, matter, or form, but if you include consider destroying people’s health care coverage and taxing them if they refuse to participate in the ponzi-scheme known as Obamacare, then they’ve got services in spades.
  • Department of Homeland Securitysee Department of Defense.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development – As of this date this department has never built a home or developed an urban area. But they’re really good at telling businesses that do such things how to do it, when to do it, and driving up the costs to those of us who consume the results.
  • Department of the Interior – I have no poll to offer but I’d bet money that most Americans don’t know what this department does or that it even exists, so we’re going to leave it out.
  • Department of Justice – LOL
  • Department of Labor – A government website tells me that the DOL fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States…” among other things, all of which could be shortened to “We write laws. A lot of laws”.
  • Department of State – You would think they produce states since we do in fact have more states than we did in 1791 but it turns out they’re really just about creating relationships with foreign governments, most of which hate our guts. Awesome.
  • Department of Transportation – Does oversee the production of our infrastructure and, even according to the liberals, is in terrible, awful condition. Obviously government is the right vehicle for the production of our roads and bridges that need trillion-dollar band aids on an annual basis…
  • Department of the Treasury – unfortunately they do produce treasure, dubiously referring to it as quantitative easing. Sure, the economy is on life support and the stock market is in a huge bubble, all of which could tumble as soon as they figure out how to get their foot off the money-printing gas pedal, but ask anyone in the Democrat party and they’ll tell you it’s swell until January 21st After that, it’s an old Hitler policy sure to bring about the destruction of humanity.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs – it seems that they’re incapable of providing adequate care to veterans. Honestly, they can’t even be bothered to answer the suicide hotline phone.

So after careful examination of the federal government’s resume, I don’t see any reason to believe they could ever produce ‘clean, affordable energy’ through any amount of taxes or policy, even if it wanted to. And yet, you liberals seem to idolize government as the best means of accomplishing anything in society. Based on what, exactly?

The government sucks at nearly everything it does.

That’s our problem, Sally.

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