Liberals Demand that Rib Festival Drop Country Singer for Performing at Trump’s Inauguration

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America’s liberals have a message for anyone not toeing the proper political line. ‘If you don’t get on board with our liberal beliefs, then you don’t get to live and work in our country.’ I know that sounds extreme, but wait until you see what is happening in Illinois, and then it won’t seem so extreme anymore.

The Naperville (Illinois) Ribfest had booked country superstar Toby Keith to play at their yearly music festival this year. However, this isn’t sitting well with some Illinois liberals who’d rather not hear Toby Keith play at the festival. Why? Because Mr. Keith had the audacity to perform at the inauguration for President Trump.

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Some Twitter users argued that Keith’s decision to play the inauguration were proof that he was a “fascist,” anti-everything “white supremacist.”

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The problem with all this is that Toby Keith, who is a registered Independent, never endorsed a candidate in the election, and he also played (happily) at President Obama’s inauguration.

Thankfully, the festival’s organizers are not your normal weak-kneed reactionary liberal types. They’ve decided to stick by their guy, and will proudly host Toby Keith at the Ribfest. They made the announcement on their Facebook Page:

Ribfest talent is negotiated and selected months in advance of the event. At no time does the Exchange Club of Naperville make any political statement or endorsement. At no time are artists booked based on their political beliefs or actions.

Toby Keith will perform Friday, June 30th, at the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Ribfest…

On Saturday, the Exchange Club of Naperville made a decision to allow community members to post without restriction on the club’s Ribfest Facebook page. This was done as a measure of sensitivity to the current political climate and in a spirit of cooperation with our beloved community.

Ribfest’s Facebook page must return to its “job” of sharing information about Ribfest. Going forward, any post that is politically charged or not focused on Ribfest will be removed.

The decision to stand their ground seems to be paying off for the Ribfest promoters, as they’ve already sold out some of their ticket packages.

“We sold more tickets in the first three days than we ever have before. We could not be happier,” a spokesperson for the event told the Chicago Tribune.

Thankfully, it seems that most of America still believes that people should be free to hold their own personal political beliefs.

Even President Obama’s favorite crony, David Axelrod, thought the liberal haters were being ridiculous.

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