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Liberals Blame Trump for Newspaper Shooting FOR NO REASON

Police in Maryland on Thursday were not yet sure if they had the shooter in custody, what his name was, or why he opened fired on a small Maryland newspaper office, but liberals were already jumping to social media to blame Trump and conservatives for the crime.

On Thursday afternoon, a man began shooting employees of the Capital Gazette, a small Maryland newspaper. By the time the killer’s gun went silent, five were dead and several others were “gravely injured,” according to the paper’s own Twitter account.

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Police later identified the shooter as 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos of Laurel, Maryland. Police also added that the man was arrested for the shooting.

A look at Ramos’ Twitter account — upon which he has not posted since 2015 — shows a hate-filled obsession aimed at lawyers, government officials, judges, and journalists.

We have since learned that this man had a grudge against this newspaper going back years, long before worries about “fake news,” and even before Donald Trump ran for president.

Yet, liberals, members of the media, and denizens of Hollywood immediately jumped to Twitter to blame Trump for the shooting.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, jumped to her Twitter account to blame Trump saying his “demonization of the press” led to the shooting.

“This is a nightmare….the demonization of the press leading to a shooting of the Press…Just horrible!” she tweeted before knowing a thing about the incident.

MSNBC talking head and supposed “journalism professor” Jason Johnson blamed Donald Trump insisteng that “The anti-press rhetoric of the right & the president can’t be separated from this violence.”

Except that it can because they killer has been a powder keg for years, now, quite apart of any interest in Trump.

ESPN radio talker Vincent Frank also blamed Trump:

Rueters reporter Rob Cox also immediately blamed Donald Trump for the Maryland shooting:

But Cox soon found he had run afoul of the Reuters rules for the public comportment of its reporters and was forced to apologize.

New York reporter Adam Klasfeld blamed Trump all while pretending he wasn’t blaming Trump saying: “We do not know the suspect or motive for the mass shooting in an Annapolis newspaper office. That said, the White House rhetoric labeling the press the “enemy of the people” is extremely dangerous, regardless of whether there turns out to be any tie to this incident.”

In other words, we don’t know the facts, but let’s blame Trump anyway.

Guardian writer Jessica Valenti also blamed Trump before she knew anything at all about the shooter.

Next, according to the Washington Times, journalist Andrew Feinberg accused Trump of being to blame for the shooting saying, “You caused this , Mr. President,” Feinberg made his proclamation long before the facts emerged.

Another so-called journalist, Conor Berry, a reporter for The Republican newspaper in Springfield, Massachusetts, passed on the fake news that the shooter threw a MAGA hat on the ground before he opened fire.

Berry soon deleted the post without telling his followers that he did so, but instead of apologizing, he had the gall to attack others of posting fake news:

Of course, it is true that Fox News host Sean Hannity also stupidly threw blame around before he knew a thing about what really happened. As soon as he learned of the attack on the Maryland newspaper, Hannity told his radio audience that Maxine Waters was to blame.

“You know, as I’ve always said, I mean honestly — I’ve been saying now for days that something horrible was going to happen because of the rhetoric. Really, Maxine?” Hannity said referring to California Democrat Maxine Waters who urged supporters to violently attack Republicans, according to Daily Beast.

“You want people to create — ‘call your friends, get in their faces,’ and Obama said that too. ‘Get in their faces, call them out, call your friends, get protesters, follow them into restaurants and shopping malls,’ and wherever else, she said,” Hannity added.

Still, Hannity’s idiotic decision to link Waters to the shooting before knowing any of the facts of the crime aside, he was far from the only one to place blame. Many other liberals jumped in, too. Only they blamed Trump.

TV Writer David Simon, for instance, hinted that Trump calling reporters “enemies of the state” caused the shooting:

“Have learned now that two friends from the Annapolis Capital, both of them “enemies of the people,” still have not reported safe. I don’t believe in petitional prayer, but maybe they and their families do. So…,” he tweeted.

Fake black man and newspaper “social justice” writer, Shaun King, decided the shooting was the perfect opportunity to throw the race card:

“The moment we didn’t see a picture of his face and then got word that he was taken in alive, we knew the mass shooter in Annapolis at the Capital Gazette was white,” he blathered. “American police are adept at taking armed white mass murderers in alive. Unarmed Black men altogether different.”

The executive producer for TV’s Ellen DeGeneres show, Andy Lassner, immediately assumed that the shooter was “radicalized” saying, “Do we have any information yet on where the Annapolis shooter was radicalized?” Apparently he assumed it would be because of Trump.

Left-wing activist Brian Krassenstein blamed Trump despite a lack of knowledge of the killer’s motive.

“One thing is for certain.,” the self-promoting Tweeter wrote, “The President of the United States better F*cking stop demonizing the very people who help protect the sanctity of our Republic.”

Think Progress founder Judd Legum also blamed Trump saying, “It is grossly irresponsible for the President of the United States to describe a free press as the ‘enemy of the people'”

Legum’s ThinkProgress underling, Aaron Rupar also blamed Trump:

In other words, the left was going wild to blame Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatives before the blood of the victims had dried and before a single fact was known about the killer.

Fake news? No, more like agenda “news.”

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