Liberals Add OSU Muslim Terrorist to Memorial List of “People of Color” Killed by Police!

Where does justice come from? A better question — and one posed rhetorically by the Ohio State University Coalition for Black Liberation — is where justice doesn’t come from.

The answer? “A cop’s bullet.”

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According to the school newspaper, The Lantern, Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s name has been added to an “in memoriam” list of people of color killed by police officers in the past two months. Artan was the Somali Muslim who drove his SUV into a crowd on campus late last month, then emerged brandishing a butcher’s knife. This he used to inflict wounds on nine victims before he was felled by a bullet fired by a campus police officer at the scene.

Within days, the officer, Alan Horujko, was tarred and feather by the liberal media for having “rushed to judgment.” One commentator, Nomiki Konst, opined to Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly that Horujko should have attempted merely to wound Artan — a view that is both unrealistic and, more importantly, baffling…


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