Liberal Writer Calls for Trump Supporters to be Set Apart from the Rest of Society!

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A Slate writer called on anti-Donald Trump people to begin wearing a symbol on their clothing so they are easily identifiable as non-bigots in a column Thursday.

Lamenting the fact that the people around her do not immediately know she voted for Hillary Clinton, columnist Michelle Goldberg suggests all the non-bigots such as herself begin wearing the symbol as a “quick, easy” way to set themselves apart.

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“These are vicious days in America. The deplorables are emboldened,” she wrote, using the term Clinton coined for Trump supporters deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bigots. Clinton supporters “need to be able to see one another,” she added, implying everyone else fits into one of those categories.

Goldberg lists a slew of alleged incidents of violence against minorities from Trump supporters (including one now shown to be a hoax), and tells of a Muslim cab driver who is afraid he will be forced to wear a badge akin to the yellow star Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany.

“At least you are a white woman and they will never know how you voted,” the cab driver told Goldberg’s friend. “I have to wear my skin and they will know. He will make us wear a yellow badge.”

Goldberg uses the stories to justify her call for a visible “symbol of solidarity” to be worn, such as the safety pin anti-Brexit voters began wearing to set themselves apart from those who voted for the U.K. to leave the European Union.

“We need an outward sign of sympathy, a way for the majority of us who voted against fascism to recognize one another,” she wrote, acknowledging that she wonders whether the white men who cross her path voted for Trump.

Goldberg then concludes her piece by comparing Trump winning the election to her own miscarriage, saying the “sick incredulous grief” she felt at the unexpected death of her unborn baby is the closest thing to her feelings about the election.

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