Liberal Uber Driver’s Resistance Stunt Highlights Anti-Right Discrimination

Now that the mainstream media has finally broken through their threshold in utilizing the term “Civil War”, there is little doubt that there is much left in the restraint reserves of these poking and prodding pontificators.

We’re not saying that the liberal left is complicit in the violence and segregation that conservatives face in today’s United States, but they certainly aren’t doing anything to put out that fire either.  The #MAGAMeToo stories have been pouring in from all over the nation, as these liberal leading lunatics continue to terrorize their fellow countrymen.

Instances of discrimination against American conservatives have been reported in places like New York City, somewhat predictably, Texas, and, even in the heavily republican state of North Carolina, where one courageous Uber driver utilized his profession to make a pedantic political point with his passengers.

Six Republican campaign volunteers have a similar story. They say they were kicked out of an Uber on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina, as their driver told them “welcome to the resistance.”

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Mary Russell, a volunteer, and Chris Godbey, the Executive Director of the Young Republicans National Federation, sat down with the Daily Caller to share their horrifying experience.

Their crime? Talking politics amongst themselves in front of their driver — who apparently didn’t agree with their political views.

The Daily Caller reached out to Uber, a spokesperson said they were looking into the situation.

Republican Congressman Mark Meadows heard about the incident and took to Twitter to offer a $100 gift card for Lyft to those involved in the incident.

The increasingly unhinged liberal left has long been radicalizing under that auspices of “resistance” to the Trump campaign…something that the free press of the internet has been quick to point out to the mainstream media.  Of course, given that the mainstream, corporately controlled media is heavily invested in the left side of American politics, these opinions aren’t often finding their way into the average American household.

Rather, the upper echelons of corporate media are working actively to foment division in our nation, and split the electorate up into sections that are easily woo-able during elections.  We mustn’t forget this in the trying times to come.



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