Civil Rights

Liberal Stunt Casts Pall of Hatred Over Civil Rights Museum’s Opening

There are times that the inherent liberal hypocrisy is more humorous than others, and yesterday, in Mississippi we tested the boundaries of this hilarity.

For months the radical left has been calling the President a racist.  This nonstop tirade of insults has been flowing from well before Trump was President, technically, with a bulk of the liberal left falling for the trick from the moment that the business mogul began calling for a return to law and order in America.  The liberal fear mongers were able to quickly equate this sentiment with xenophobia and bigotry, claiming that the President just didn’t like people coming into our country because they were foreign.

A quick scan of the Trump family tree, specifically when it comes to the President’s wife and ex wife, will quickly set this notion straight in your mind.

Now, in jumping through egregious hoops to keep this lie alive, the left has made themselves the butt of a very unsightly joke.

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“U.S. President Donald Trump flew to Mississippi on Saturday to attend the opening of a civil rights museum, but his visit was marred by the absence of top African-American leaders who stayed away in protest of his policies and record on race relations.

“Trump toured the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and delivered brief remarks, paying tribute to African-Americans who fought institutionalized racism, including Medgar Evers, the civil rights activist who was murdered outside his home in Jackson in 1963.

“’We want our country to be a place where every child from every background can grow up free from fear, innocent of hatred and surrounded by love, opportunity and hope,’ Trump said in prepared remarks.

“U.S. Representative John Lewis of Georgia, a Democrat who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, said on Thursday that he would not go to the museum opening because of Trump’s presence.

“’President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum,’ Lewis said in a statement with Mississippi Democratic U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson, who also declined to attend.”

By boycotting Trump’s visit to a Civil Rights museum, the left surely believes that they’re gotten Trump again.

The truth of the matter is that Lewis and his colleagues’ boycott of the President’s visit only truly demonstrated the hatred and proposed segregation of the left, who have worked for years in order to keep Americans divided by ever more petty qualifiers.  By refusing to stand with the President on race relations, these angry “resistance” radicals have chosen to stand against him…even if that means exploiting the Civil Rights Movement to do so.

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