New Fascism

Liberal Students Take Over College, Faculty “Not Safe”, Situation Ongoing

The liberal New Fascist movement has taken over Evergreen State College in Washington State, according to local police.

Students at the minuscule liberal arts school in the Pacific Northwest have taken it upon themselves to forcefully seize control of the school’s library, barricading themselves inside, in what began as a protest and has devolved into an attempted coup.

The miscreants have done so on the basis of racial allegations against the faculty and staff at Evergreen, demanding the resignation of one professor in particular.  The situation began on Tuesday, May 23rd, and is presently ongoing.  Local authorities have deemed that the campus is unsafe for students and faculty, and have urged residents to stay away.  At this time, only one adult has attempted to reason with the Fascists faction of the student body.  They were simply shouted down and berated by the belligerent millennials.

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“Biology professor Bret Weinstein was berated by dozens of students outside of his classroom Tuesday morning for refusing to participate in an event in which white people were invited to leave campus for a day. Now, he says police have told him to hold his classes off campus due to safety concerns.

” Things are ‘out of control at Evergreen,’ he said.

“’Police told me protesters stopped cars yesterday, demanding information about occupants,’ Mr. Weinstein told The Washington Times. ‘They believe I was being sought. It appears that the campus has been under the effective control of protesters since 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police are on lockdown, hamstrung by the college administration. Students, staff and faculty are not safe.’

“A spokesman for the Evergreen Department of Police Services confirmed the agency had been in contact with Mr. Weinstein. He said officers would be in touch with The Times, but three subsequent phone calls during business hours were not answered.”

The liberal New Fascist movement kicked off during the presidential election of 2016 when Hillary Clinton and her media cronies began falsely labeling conservative media outlets as “fake news”, demanding that these sources of information be stricken from their respective platforms and censored from the general public in a pathetic attempt to prevent disparaging information regarding Clinton’s collusion with the DNC from going public.

Since that time, violent conflicts at UC Berkeley have caused the cancellation of two conservative speaking engagements, again censoring the opinions of a vast majority of Americans.

Free speech is under attack by these leftist Fascists, and the mainstream media has been busy doing their best impression of an ostrich during the conflict, burying their heads in the proverbial sand anytime liberals pull these unAmerican stunts.  Now, with the situation at Evergreen college turning critical, perhaps the rest of the nation will finally discover exactly what the American political left has been working toward for the better part of a year:  Totalitarian control of the American narrative, with a particular emphasis on racial issues that are meant to invoke an intense emotional response from malleable millennials.

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