New York

Liberal Stronghold’s Declining Population A Sign of Leftist Mutiny


There is a powerful conservative movement currently sweeping the nation, and the globe for that matter, after years of liberal folly in many major locales.

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The reign of former President Barack Obama is thankfully over.  The democratic deity was responsible for some of the most absurd and illogical policy decisions in recent memory, including his unfathomable decree regarding public school restrooms becoming “gender neutral”.  Taking his lead, so-called “social justice warriors” struck out on their own, thrashing against normality in ever-more infuriating ways.

It was difficult for many Americans to believe that the nation would recover at a reasonable pace from the massive cultural shift represented by Obama and his ilk, but the perseverance and ingenuity of We The People made it all possible.  Now, in the newly christened Trump era, we are seeing a great many moves toward true conservatism and libertarianism, not the least of which is being demonstrated by the mass exodus being experienced in The Big Apple.

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“More people are leaving the New York region than any other major metropolitan area in the country.

“More than 1 million people moved out of the New York area to other parts of the country since 2010, a rate of 4.4 percent — the highest negative net migration rate among the nation’s large population centers, US Census records show.

“The number of people leaving the region — which includes parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, the lower Hudson Valley and Long Island — in one year swelled from 187,034 in 2015 to 223,423 in 2016, while the number of international immigrants settling in the tristate area dwindled from 181,551 to 160,324 over the same period, records show.”

There are a multitude of reasons for this rampant departure from one of the world’s premier cities.  For starters, New York City has been a massive liberal hub for ages, constantly reinventing itself and its fringe cultures to push the boundaries of taste and class.  While under the leftist thumb, this sort of blind faith in the political systems of the future allowed for some residents of the city to become outwardly progressive if for no other reason than to maintain their liberal credibility.  Now that America is seemingly returning to its roots, so to speak, many of the tagalong leftists are also decrying their newfound, albeit phony outsider identities.

New York City is also an enormous outlier in terms of political leanings with the state in which it resides.  The rest of New York is extremely politically conservative, much to the surprise of those who have never had the pleasure to visit.  The orchard in which The Big Apple lies is a vast expanse of sprawling countryside with a longstanding agricultural tradition.  It is also very much 2nd Amendment country, much to the dismay of the New York City dwelling masses.  New York’s dichotomy is potent enough to have even spawned its own secession movement, in which the rest of the state was hoping to send New York City packing, possibly to be split into a Washington D.C. style district, while the remaining landmass would assume the identity of “New Amsterdam”.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget those pesky rumors that Hillary Clinton may be running for mayor of NYC…something that would certainly send any levelheaded person packing.


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