Liberal Sportswriter Admits He Was “Scared” By Braves’ Fans Chopping

All right folks, it’s time that we have a chat about the liberal privilege of the double edged sword.

Folks on the left are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of taste, decorum, and dignity, most often in the world of entertainment.  As a staunch libertarian, I’m not often too bothered by this.  I think that all people should have the ability to say whatever they feel like, so long as those same people aren’t unfairly protected from the criticisms of their words and actions.  (And, it goes without saying that these words shouldn’t be conducive to hate or violence).

So when a man wants to eat a raw steak at a vegan festival, I’m fine with it.  He’s being a bit “on the nose”, sure, and he’s definitely being provocative, but he’s really just stating his opinion on the matter.

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When Don Lemon giggles like a school girl while his guests use one of the N-words, however, I am a bit offended…not because he’s offending me by using that racially charged language, but because he went down there, into the gutter, to offend another African American for his conservative viewpoint.  If that tainted round had been fired from anywhere but the liberal armory of CNN, there would be riots in the streets.

Concurrently, and ironically, others on the left have now admitted that fans of the Atlanta Braves baseball team “scare” them when rooting on their team using the time-honored tradition of the “Tomahawk Chop”.

Forbes magazine contributor Terence Moore, was frightened by the Atlanta Braves fans when they broke out in their traditional tomahawk chop chant at a recent game. So frightened in fact, that he felt compelled to write a piece tsk-tsking Atlanta’s “mostly white fans” for their enthusiasm.

Moore celebrated the fact that every team in sports “not named the Washington Redskins” has already dumped their “offending Native American” names, except for the Atlanta Braves. To Moore, the Braves are still embarrassing themselves with “a ballpark full of mostly white fans” performing the tomahawk chop chant. And he wants “someone” to “stop Atlanta Braves fans from chopping and chanting.”

“Every game around here, folks do their chopping with red foam-rubber tomahawks while delivering their version of ‘Indians’ hollering down mountains in pursuit of cowboys during black-and-white westerns,” Moore carped.

The Forbes scold continued saying that this “backward thinking” shocked him during a recent Braves-Dodgers game at Sun-Trust Park.

“With the Dodgers leading 2-0 in the series after they dominated the Braves on the west coast, the SunTrust Park people running the scoreboards and the organ worked overtime for Game 3,” Moore wrote. “The former kept flashing louder and LOUDER with a cartoon tomahawk on the screen, and the latter threatened to wear out the tom-tom beat.”

The exasperated Moore then noted, “Eventually, fans were chopping and chanting out of their minds.”

“It was uncomfortable, but it was fun,” he said of the tomahawk chop chant. “Then it was scary.”

The Braves, whose moniker is not rooted in racism as that of the “Redskins” of Washington or “Indians” of Cleveland, have already made painstaking efforts to stay on the right side of history.  Not only did they retire their First Nation-stereotype mascot back in the mid-1980’s, but they also rescinded plans to use his homage on batting practice ball caps back in 2012.

The left can no longer have their cake and eat it too.  Or, more accurately, they can’t suggest Kanye is being traded to caucasians in the “racial draft” and then tell Braves’ fans to stop chopping.

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