The Media Intentionally Covers Up Liberals Sexual Exploitation of Women [VIDEO]

Two successive scandals in Canada are more evidence that liberal sexual exploitation is a thing.

Far from liberating women, we find liberal sexual exploitation everywhere—most recently Canada. Here’s Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media:

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While the New York Times will lie and deceive in order to associate Donald Trump with “misogyny,” they cover up the liberal sexual exploitation of the Clintons. But it isn’t just the Clintons. It is the liberals at the Toronto Star. The Rebel Media reports on Raveena Aulakh, who committed suicide:

Raveena was a young reporter, liberal, progressive, feminist — a perfect fit for the liberal, progressive, feminist Toronto Star. Except their workplace culture is more like something out of the Mad Men era — where young workers at the office were treated as pieces of meat for the sexual appetites of management.

Managers like Jon Filson, to be precise. He was a senior editor at the Star. Married man. But he had an affair with Raveena — and with his boss, the Star’s managing editor Jane Davenport.

For days after her death, the Star sat on the story. Filson left the company, without saying a word. And Davenport was reassigned.

Ironically (or hypocritically), the Star had exposed the liberal sexual exploitation committed by a Canadian TV star. According to another editorial at The Rebel Media,

Janice Rubin’s report looking into the way top CBC brass handled Jian Ghomeshi’s lewd and inappropriate behavior was released this week, and led to the firing of two senior executives.

Those executives were Chris Boyce, the executive director of radio, and Todd Spencer, the executive director of HR.

These two men weren’t lowly producers working on Q. They were VP level executives of the entire network.

For months these guys stonewalled questions about the toxic work atmosphere, and accused reporters like Brian Lilley of making something out of nothing.

Remember folks: As a taxpayer, every Canadian is a shareholder in this CBC cover-up.

Just like all Americans became shareholders in the Clinton’s sexual exploitation and will again if Hillary takes the White House.

But there are plenty of other examples to be found, from Jimmy Savile in the UK (close friend to Prince Charles) to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF. The pattern is obvious though the media is determined not to cover it.

With Donald Trump running, we can at least hope that the Clintons will finally be exposed.


Joe Scudder

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