Liberal Senator Admits No Evidence of Trump-Russia Connection

Liberal Democrat leader Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) bluntly admitted that there was simply “NO EVIDENCE” of any collusion between the Trump campaign for President and the Russian government. NONE.

The comments came during a discussion with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and the host seemed taken aback by the Democrats “precise” and honest assessment.

“Do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked California Sen. Dianne Feinstein during an interview on Wednesday.

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“Not at this time,” she responded.

“Well, that’s a pretty precise answer,” Blitzer said.

Feinstein qualified her answer by saying “Not at this time,” but still, at least she was willing to directly admit that there was just no evidence that the Trump team had done anything wrong.

While other Democrats continue to pretend that there is reason to believe that President Trump has dubious connections to the Kremlin, none have yet offered any evidence that would corroborate their claims. Thankfully, Feinstein avoided the slander and cut straight to the point and admitted that she hadn’t seen anything, even if her answer does reveal that she hopes they find something soon.

One of those other Democrats (who can’t actually point to specific evidence) is California liberal Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who recently told Chris Matthews that there sure was evidence of collusion.

Again, Swalwell can’t actually point to any specifics… but who cares about facts when you’re on MSNBC?


Onan Coca

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