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Liberal Segregationists Raise $27K For Harvard’s ‘Black Graduation’ Ceremony

The delusional American political left has been working long and hard on plans for a new segregationist movement in this country for quite some time, and even the prestigious Harvard University is no match for their army of “activists”.

Racism has taken a strange turn in the United States over the course of the last decade or so.  As generational progression occurs, the racism of the 1940’s and 1950’s is being scrubbed from the collective consciousness of America, leading the way for free thinking, unbiased members of society to flourish.  Young people in America today are having a hard time grasping the realities of those dark times in our nation’s history, as they are so far removed from those discriminatory thoughts and beliefs.

In turn, this has caused many around the nation to scoff at the idea of affirmative action.  Simply put, these younger generations don’t see race, therefore, they can’t justify a need for systemic equalization of opportunities for their fellow Americans of a differing complexion.  And this is where things get tricky.

For generations of minority-Americans, affirmative action has been ingrained in their everyday lives, sometime dangerously bordering on entitlement.  Some of the older citizens who were recipients of assistance during affirmative action’s heyday refuse to see the reality unfolding before them, and have raised their children and grandchildren to expect that same level of assistance.  While the rest of the nation looks to end inequality, (not just racism), there are still holdouts for handouts.

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That friction came into its own in recent years with the rise of the militant and violent Black Lives Matter movement.  This group of re-segregationists targeted not only caucasians as a cause of their own personal problems, but led a campaign of anti-police rhetoric so vile that it inspired their operatives to commit egregious acts against the brave men and women of law enforcement.

Now, the fight is heading to campus, as Harvard students attempt to segregate themselves once again, in one of the most asinine reversals of progress in all of academia.

“Students at Harvard University raised $27,000 for a  graduation ceremony honoring the effort of black students at the school.

“Student organizers of the ‘Black Commencement 2017’ said it is the first university-wide graduation ceremony for black students and is designed to celebrate their achievements and struggles at an elite institution with historic ties to slavery, the Boston Globe reported.

“The commencement will take place on May 23 at Holmes Field near Harvard Law School. More than 120 grads are registered to attend, Fox 25 Boston reports.”

This stunning and abominable act of reverse racism is precisely the reason why progress against discrimination has been slow in America.  While one portion of this younger generation is ready, willing, and able to move past the invented constructs of race and ethnicity, another portion of that same generation has been subjected to years of prideful and gluttonous abuse of the American system.

Racism could end in America, if only groups like Black Lives Matter would allow it.

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