Liberal Resistance to President Trump Takes Strange, Inflatable Shape

Over the course of the last several months, we have been treated to some entertaining sites on the left.

The liberal resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency has begun to take shape, and while no one in their right mind is condoning the left’s behavior, it is easy to admit that some of their incessant trolling is fairly entertaining.

Understandably, liberal democrats the nation over have grown furiously frustrated during Donald Trump’s first 200 days in office.  The unconventional President has undeniably affected Washington D.C., not only in the predicted, presidential ways, but also by shaking up the Beltway pecking order and boy’s club.  Trump, for what it’s worth, is beholden to no one, let alone lobbyists and industrial-complex types, allowing him to remain focused on the tasks at hand.

As the left’s frustration grows, a number of anti-Trump demonstrations have been occurring around the country.  The latest move by these #NeverTrump rubes strangely involves the White House lawn, an inflatable chicken, and a wild hairdo.

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“The White House has an unusual onlooker Wednesday — a large, inflatable chicken with golden orange hair.

“The inflatable chicken, situated on the Ellipse facing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is a visual that organizers of the Tax Day March have used in the past to coax President Trump to release his tax returns. Tax Day March events in cities from D.C. to Chicago to San Francisco this year have featured the large poultry prop as they protest Mr. Trump’s decision to break with the tradition of recent presidents to release their tax information.

“But there is more than one chicken — protesters across the country have ordered them online. Ebay lists several available inflatable Trump chickens. A 10-foot chicken from China sells for $500. China is, in fact, where the chicken appears to have originated.”

While Trump isn’t likely to release his personal financial information anytime soon, the golden-haired inflatable poultry is a nice reprieve from the usual “resistance” nonsense.

From the moment that Donald Trump took office, we have been inundated with a shallow and childish pattern of behavior from the left, in which politicians and voters alike oppose the President on every possible subject, no matter how trivial, simply in order to stymy his agenda.

Not only has this irresponsibly endangered the President’s life due to the radicalizing effects of this “resistance”, but it has allowed congress to fully shirk their duty to the American people.  With a portion of the nation cheering them on, the anti-Trump left has been successful in stopping the President’s entire agenda dead in its tracks.  Given that this agenda was chosen by We The People back in November, this liberal divisiveness has irked more than a few political observers.

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