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Liberal “Resistance” Media Sides with Mexican Street Gang over POTUS

The insanity of the liberal establishment’s “resistance” to President Trump has reached unfathomable new plateaus this week.

While opposition to any President is a safe bet, the way in which the liberal “resistance” to Trump has been abused and exploited by the democrats is nearly unethical.  Instead of choosing their battles as it pertains to Trump’s agenda, the left has engaged in a wholesale, omnipresent hatred for the U.S. President, opposing every single stitch of the Commander in Chief’s political tapestry.

This has spilled over into a defiance to conservatives as well, capped off by the extraordinary gruesome acts of a number of lunatic liberals.  Kathy Griffin’s untoward publicity stunt and James T. Hodgkinson’s brutal assault on GOP congressmen come to mind as pillars of this violent, liberal “resistance”.

Now, however, the mainstream media has gone all-in on a new attack against the President and his agenda by foolishly siding with Mexican street gang MS-13 in an attempt to insult the leader of the free world.

“But despite the president’s pledge to stop the killings and keep Americans safe from gang members, several left-leaning outlets asserted Trump was making the gang ‘stronger’ with his rhetoric.

“CNN claimed Trump’s speech was ’emboldening’ MS-13, allowing the group to more easily recruit members because, the network said, the president and his policies were instilling fear in illegal immigrants. CNN’s Dan Lieberman even went so far as to interview two gang members who complained ‘murders from MS-13 don’t only hurt one family, but hurt both.’

“‘I started growing up in that type of neighborhood. I didn’t really get love from my family. Where I grew up, [MS-13] were there, almost all of them,’ one member told Lieberman. ‘They seemed like really nice people. They were there for me through tough times.'”

This wasn’t the only ridiculous statement to be nationally published by drug-gang apologists on the left.

Slate continued the nonsense by insinuating that Trump was employing an unacceptable stereotype of Mexican gang members being “scary brown people”, despite the cache of evidence that demonstrates just how despicable and dangerous the latin organized crime cabal can be.

Once again, we are being treated to the maddening conspiracy theory held by the left that President Donald Trump is the world’s supreme bigot.  It’s a childish and simple allegation that the left simply won’t allow to die, despite the numerous facts to the contrary.  It is a baseless claim that is being used to virtually tar and feather the leader that Americans wholeheartedly chose to lead them, and it is quite unbecoming of a civilized society.


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