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Liberal Rag’s White House Correspondent Sidelined Over Sex Allegations

As Americans continue to push forward in their sexual harassment revolution of 2017, the liberal media overlords are taking an inordinate amount of flack.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the “look at my tolerance” left is simply a cabal of anti-feminist, good ol’ boy sexual predators who demean women from their places of respective power.  While this sounds counterintuitive, especially in the shadow of the flimsy “social justice” movement, the facts don’t lie.

Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s made men, and an ardent democrat considered a “friend” to major liberal players, was the first of the big name ne’er do wells to be outed publicly for his heinous crimes.  Now, standing accused of rape, harassment, and groping by more than sixty women, Weinstein’s fall from grace has beget an avalanche of accusations to embroil liberal America.

Not only have other left-leaning Hollywood heathens found themselves at the gallows of public opinion, but prominent democratic politicians are falling into the pit of perverse despair as well.  Senator Al Franken, whose disturbing behavior was captured on film, has yet to resign amid massive public outcry and additional accusers coming forward.

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Now, as this much-needed purge of predators continues, the ultraliberal New York Times has had its first casualty.

“Glenn Thrush, the left-wing White House correspondent for the New York Times, has been put on suspension over several allegations of sexual misconduct.

“One allegation involves Thrush abandoning a young woman after she resisted his unwanted sexual advances. After sharing some drinks, the woman’s night ‘ended on a Washington street corner, where Thrush left her in tears after she resisted his advances.’

“‘The young woman ordered an Uber — the receipt shows it was about 11 pm — and says she planned to call [her friend] Padró Ocasio back once inside the car. In the few minutes she waited, she said, Thrush walked back over to her and started to kiss her again. She began to cry. When Thrush saw, he abruptly walked off, waving his hand flippantly, and left her alone to wait for her ride, she said.'”

Thrush’s actions are inexcusable, particularly for a man whose outward ethos exudes such an egregious air of worldly clout.

As the nation continues to dive further into the muck to pluck out and denounce these sinful sexual predators, there is little doubt that the liberal exodus will continue.  For too long the left has been using the social justice movement as a proxy for their poor behavior.

Now, after major players at all levels of the left’s hierarchy continue to fall, perhaps the conservative views of treating women and colleagues with respect can come back into style?

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