Liberal Rags Promise Congressional Reckoning with 30+ Abusers On Deck

Americans are currently embroiled in one of the most astonishing cultural revolutions in modern history, and it may just be getting started.

Beginning with profound and plentiful allegations against Hollywood mogul and liberal kingmaker Harvey Weinstein, a number of high profile Americans have been outed as serial sexual predators whose crimes against their fellow men and women are completely unacceptable.  Men such as actor Kevin Spacey, Senator Al Franken, and House Rep. John Conyers have all followed suit, with a vast majority of the damning allegations being made against men of liberal leanings.

This has led to the #MeToo movement:  A social media campaign that aimed to shine a light on the sheer number of sexual assaults occurring covertly throughout our nation.

Now, CNN and the Washington Post have indicated that they are on the precipice of unearthing yet another massive cache of horrific abusers within the United States’ government.

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“Around Thanksgiving, Politico reported that members of Congress were ‘on edge’over the prospect of more allegations spilling into the open.  How many of them are feeling a little edgier this week?


“Who is Trujillo?  He’s a Democratic strategist who used to work for Hillary Clinton.  Could be be blowing smoke? Maybe.  But is his claim plausible (especially based on the rumors mentioned above), and is it likely that he knows plenty of people at the Post and CNN?  You bet.  Democrats (very belatedly) appear to be embracing a ‘zero tolerance’ approach on these matters, but so far, they’ve dawdled and made excuses before calling for the ouster of colleagues who occupy safely blue seats.  Will they crawl further out onto similar limbs if it means relinquishing votes?  Even reliably liberal journalists aren’t so sure about that…”

This frankly overdue movement within liberal circles has shown an incredible resilience that all Americans are seemingly born with, bubbling to the surface in new and profound ways.

What worries many, however, is the horrific slant displayed by organizations such as CNN and The Washington Post, who have been working on this latest possible exorcism of sexual predators from within the halls of Congress.  Should these accusations buck the trend of democratic debauchery, simple mathematics will then come into play in order to expose their bias, thus negating whatever good samaritan status that they may have concocted for themselves.


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