North Carolina Confederate Monument Under Fire From Secret Group of…

There has been little respite from the throngs of misinformed liberals who have taken the stance of historical revision when it comes to our nation’s bloodiest affair.

The American Civil War was one of the most incredibly important, yet violent, times in the history of our great nation.  The years in which we warred with one another were not only heartbreaking and morally terrifying, but they also proved that Americans of all shapes and sizes carry a fire within their belly unequaled in the remainder of the world at large.

In some disturbing way, the Civil War showed that Americans loved America so vociferously, that they were willing to commit the darkest sins of combat in order to preserve the nation – either as a whole, as the Union believed, or in spirit, as the Confederacy believed.

Now, 150-plus years later, we are in danger of learning all of those unfathomable lessons, thanks to the bizarre wish of the liberal left to erase the Civil War from history.

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The radicalization of college campuses have factored into this revisionist revival wholeheartedly, as evidenced by the belief that a clandestine group of university professors in North Carolina may be planning a midnight marauding in order to illegally remove a monument to the souls lost in the War Between The States.

“An anonymous group — reportedly 17 faculty members — threatened to tear down a Confederate statue on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Daily Tar Heel said.

“The Daily Tar Heel reported Monday that two of its editors met with and identified a senior faculty member who confirmed the existence of the 17-member group that sent a letter to Chancellor Carol Folt, saying that if the school doesn’t remove the statue before Thursday then the group would do so.

“The statue — known as ‘Silent Sam‘ — was erected in 1913 in remembrance of ‘the sons of the University who died for their beloved Southland 1861-1865.’”

Of course, student protests have been ongoing at the Silent Sam memorial for some time, thanks to the current trending of the social justice junket on social media.

The virtue signaling being committed by these young people is truly nothing more than an elaborate piece of the millennial mating ritual, with left-leaning behavior being made to appear valuable and attractive in nearly all facets of the mainstream media.

Of course, where this manifests itself most poignantly is in the hormone and freedom-rich environment of our 18-22 year old undergraduate students, who, in an effort to bed a colleague, will often bend their own personal beliefs to conform with whatever trending on Twitter.


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