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Liberal Professor Rolls Out Phony Claim Regarding Trump’s Mental Health

The ridiculous attacks against President Trump just don’t stop this week, as yet another leftist shill has called for an absurd look at the President’s mental health.

Not only has the left allowed itself to side with ISIS in their opinion of the American President through the use of beheading propaganda that panicked the Commander in Chief’s 11 year old son, liberals have continuously inserted themselves selfishly into the lives of those currently presiding in the White House.  From the very moment that Trump’s candidacy become a very real possibility back in 2016, a number of medical “professionals” allowed their political beliefs to get the better of their objectivity, citing a range of possible conditions that the future President was suffering from.  Meanwhile, they ignored the very, very real health concerns faced by the doomed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now, a professor at once-prestigious Yale University has thrown her hat into the ring, and her credibility out the window, with a long distance diagnosis of the leader of the free world.  And, of course, it’s absurd.

“Professor Bandy Lee, an instructor in Yale’s Department of Psychiatry, sat down with Chauncey DeVega to discuss her controversial approach to the President, saying that the ‘situation has come to such a critical level’ that she had no choice but to ‘speak out.’

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“’In fact, a state of emergency exists and we could no longer hold back,’ she added, arguing that the ‘highest ethical principles’ of her field actually mandate that she speak out.

“’We have an obligation to because many lives and our survival may be at stake,’ she continued, discussing an April conference she organized for like-minded colleagues called ‘Duty to Warn,’ the name of which references a psychologist’s immunity from legal repercussions when disclosing information about a client who exhibits violent behavior.”

In reality, of course, no mental health professional worth the cushions on their chaise lounge chair would ever consider a diagnoses valid were it made through the lens of the mainstream media.  That has nothing to do with the obvious bias of the cable news complex, instead, it belies the much greater complexity to mental health diagnoses than Professor Lee is allowing.  By simply examining moving pictures, skewed by the narrative of the networks, there is no possibility that a clinical examination could have occurred.

Should this phony discourse be taken as anything more than a farcical and shallow insult to POTUS, the entire mental health profession will need to atone for it.

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