Liberal “News” Site Buzzfeed says White People are a “Plague to the Planet

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Buzzfeed published a listicle Monday containing insulting and racist messages towards white people.

The listicle, entitled, “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fucks,” is a list of students giving presentations. Many of the presentations include insulting and hateful messages towards whites, such as, “White People Are a Plague to the Planet,” “How White People Plagued Society,” and “White People Are Crazy.”

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An image featured on the list shows a young woman with the presentations, “White People Stay Colonizing,” while wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Make America Brown Again.”

Another picture showed a woman with a shirt that reads “Check Your Privilege” standing in front of a screen displaying a mug labeled “White Tears.”

One student gave a presentation that contained a slide reading, “Diversity is a myth. You’re probably racist.”

This list comes a week after Buzzfeed tried to smear a popular TV show couple for being Christian. A few days ago, a Buzzfeed editor posted the private phone number of a conservative TV show producer on Twitter to incite harassment.

From Instagram:

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