Liberal Narrative of Racist Trump Goes Up in Flames – Left IMPLODES!

There is on argument that the radical left relies on above all else, and it is just as absurd as you would think that it is…

The left believes that Donald Trump is a racist.

And not just some ordinary racist either, no.  The left seems to think that Donald Trump is some Hitlerian figure that is ready to flip the genocide switch at any moment.  Don’t believe me?

The left has been using images like this for YEARS now.

Also, if we were to take a little Google search of “Trump is racist”, we get nearly 1.4 million results.

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Of course, this is nothing more than hypocritical, left wing hyperbole that is meant to engage the young, emotional, bleeding heart liberals of the millennial generation who have so far been coerced into doing whatever bidding the democrats and progressives wish.  Things have gotten so out of hand on the left that college students are now fighting against free speech, thanks to the demonization of the conservative, patriotic groups in America.

Now, to take things into even more bizarre territory, the left is now demonstrating their outrage that President Trump could fully pardon Jack Johnson, an African American boxing legend who was jailed for traveling across state lines with his girlfriend at the time.

Despite his celebrity, he was convicted of violating the Mann Act by transporting a woman across state lines “for immoral purposes” while he had relationships with white prostitutes, according to The Undefeated website. He married one of the women, Lucille Cameron, but the government convicted him based on the relationship he had with another woman, Belle Schreiber.

Jackson fled the country to escape prison but returned in 1920 to serve his sentence, spending ten months in prison.

He died in a car accident in 1946 at the age of 68.

Trump’s posthumous pardon would be quite the spectacle, as the left has been clamoring for Johnson’s pardon for years, claiming that he was only convicted and jailed due to racial discrimination.  After announcing his possible intention, however, President Trump is receiving backlash from the left claiming that a “racist” President should not be the one who pardons Johnson.

Dave Zirin of The Nation magazine, is apparently furious that “racist” President Donald Trump is preparing to issue a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson, America’s first black heavyweight boxing champion.

Johnson, who died in 1946, was sentenced to ten months in prison in 1912 on a charge that was filed only because he was a black man. Therefore, a pardon makes sense, but strangely, even our first black president Barack Obama refused to right this century-old wrong.

Zirin wasn’t shy about how he felt either, claiming some horrendously false realities about the President of the United States.

“Donald Trump is a racist and a bigot. He has a fifty-year history that demonstrates this time and time again. I could write — as so many have — yet another scroll-length listing of the man’s racial perversions, from housing discrimination to his promotion of the racist birther theory to his equivocation on condemning the Klan in Charlottesville to his reference just this week to ‘breeding’ when discussing immigration.”

The radical leftist talking head continued:

“100 plus years ago, Trump would have hated Jack Johnson. He’d hate him for his independence. His very existence challenged what white men like Trump believed. Trump would be just like those other politicians, scheming ways to go after Johnson. In Johnson’s day, the same white politicians that tried to stop him from fighting, also turned a blind eye to lynchings. They are the same politicians, like Trump, who demanded that black men die, for supposed crimes, even if they were innocent.”

Sounds to us like someone was just upset that they were wrong about Trump’s “racism”, and they’re now doubling down on the phony narrative.

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