The Liberal Mind Running

The Liberal Mind Running


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The liberal mind doesn’t hurdle over its own prejudices

And grab onto the pockets of possibilities.

It hates the other runners.

It takes credit for everything that is good

And doesn’t realize that it is bad.

It pretends that it is happy

But grabs the starter’s pistol and shoots himself

In the head.

It is trapped in its good intentions

While rushing through its hatred to hell.

It calls everyone else bigots and doesn’t realize

That the accusation is the self-reflection,

The assumption,

The guilty trying to wash its own hands of it.

When the liberal calls you a fascist he does it with a salute

And a goose step.

Not a good bone in his body except the wish bone

Of being better than his competition.

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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