LIBERAL MELTDOWN: ICE Agents Capture Last Remaining Nazi on US Soil

There is something utterly disjointed about the liberal left’s latest anti-Trump mutation, and it needs to be addressed no matter how uncomfortable this could get.

You see, the left wants to pin this “literally Hitler” tag on Donald Trump in order to disparage his supporters and delegitimize his time in the White House.  This isn’t a new trick by any means, but it comes with a strange bit of a caveat; the left is also insisting that they are fighting against fascism here in America.  The problem lies in the methods employed, and how undeniably and literally identical those tactics are to what Hitler did during his rise to power.

The burning of books, for instance – We see this paralleled today in the social media and internet censorship of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and others.

Then there is the unkempt and divisive rhetoric being used to tear our nation in two.  Hitler pulled that trick too, lashing out agains the Communists in German government and dehumanizing a great many citizens of the European continent.

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Try wearing your red MAGA hat in NYC for a day and see what happens to you.

One of the latest absurd comparisons that the left has been making has been between the Nazi SS or Gestapo and the officers of America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, believing that the deportation of illegal immigrants is somehow akin to the most horrific genocide in modern history.

Well, then liberal smarty-pants, explain this:

That’s ICE

This whole “Trump is a Nazi” and “ICE is the SS” spiel is over.  Done.  Kaput.

Jakiw Palij, who was stripped of his U.S. citizenship because he lied about his collaboration with the Nazis during World War II, was deported to Germany by the U.S.

The U.S. claims the 95-year old was a Nazi guard at the Trawniki camp who helped to prevent the escape of prisoners. Palij played an “indispensable role” in ensuring their later murder by the Nazis, according to a statement from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Germans agreed to take him after U.S. lawmakers and Jewish organizations had argued that Nazi-collaborators shouldn’t be allowed to chose where they want to spend their sunset years, according to a statement from Germany’s interior ministry. Germany didn’t ask for his extradition.

If this doesn’t put things in perspective for you, I’m not sure what will.


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