The Liberal Media are Worse than Pharisees

When you read the New Testament, you will find that the Pharisees were the religious leaders of the day and they held power and prestige over the people. Anyone who dared oppose them became the target of their anger and wrath. Jesus’s teachings frequently challenged the authority of the Pharisees and publicly chastised them on a number of issues. Consequently, the Pharisees, even though they knew Jesus was right, they set out to destroy him. They tried to twist everything He said and did and when that didn’t work, they made up false charges against him and continued their relentless attacks until Jesus was nailed up on the cross.

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One of the most aggravating parts of my job in writing these posts is that I have to listen and read what the mainstream media is saying and doing. And the doctors are blaming my weight for my high blood pressure, right!

Heaven help anyone who holds a different political view than those running the mainstream media. The media will pick and pick and pick at them until they create a bleeding sore that they can blow out of proportion and vilify the person holding a different view.

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Consider back a number of years ago when Dan Quayle was Vice President. He misspelled potato and the media were ready to nail him to a cross. When Barack Obama claimed that he had visited all 57 states, the same media just laughed it off as a simple mistake.

Based on most of the reporting by media, one thing has become obvious – conservatives, Christians and Republicans can rarely do anything right, whereas liberals and Democrats can do no wrong.

Barack Obama regularly defied federal law and the US Constitution and the media generally ignored it. Where was the media when Obama usurped the role of Congress when he ordered the Justice Department to stop enforcing some federal laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act? Where was the media when Obama usurped the role of Congress and freed up millions of dollars and the sale the fighter jets to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood after Congress had frozen them? Where was the media when Obama usurped the role of Congress by making multiple changes to Obamacare? (Only Congress can make such changes to laws they passed, the President cannot.)

Where was the media when Hillary Clinton perjured herself before Congress? Where was the media when Clinton lied about Benghazi? Where was the media when Clinton repeatedly lied about her emails?

This is the same media that not only is hounding President Donald Trump unceasingly, but everyone associated with him.

On a national news program, they were questioning the cost to taxpayers being racked up by the business travels of Trump’s adult sons. The same liberal media never questioned the cost to taxpayers when Obama’s daughters went to Mexico and then Colorado for spring break or when Michelle, the girls and her mother took trips abroad without Barack.

The media make slight of Obama’s beer drinking at the White House with guests, but now they are making a big deal because President Trump’s chief legal counsel Kellyanne Conway, dared to kneel on a couch in the White House. How dare she put her feet on a White House couch.

Today’s mainstream media is no different than the Pharisees in the days of Jesus. The media will continue to twist and lie and attack everyone who they disagree with and will continue to do so until the target of their wrath is totally destroyed. This is why Trump was justified in calling the media the enemy of the people.

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