Liberal Media Now Claiming Wolff Book “Too Sordid” To Be Fake News

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President Donald Trump has been under attack for the entirety of his first year as Commander in Chief.

In fact, Trump has been under attack for most of his life.  Despite his successes, or maybe due to them, there has been no end to the defamation of one of America’s most iconic businessmen.  When Trump ascended to the office of the President, it merely amplified the voices of his opponents, who, in turn, radicalized their voter base.

Now, the radical left has been at war with America for a year-plus, not only attempting to delegitimize the populist President, but to also adjust the First Amendment to their liking.  Their assault on the American Dream is no Trump-centric skirmish, rather, it is an attempt at a wholesale cultural evolution of Third Reich proportions.  Trump is merely the radical left’s lighting rod.

The latest artillery launched by the liberal army came in the form of a book entitled “Fire and Fury:  Inside The Trump White House” by Michael Wolff.  In Wolff’s book, he attempts to derail the Trump Train by hurling wild accusations about the President in the general direction of any slack jawed liberal beat reporter who thinks they’re going to win a Pulitzer for lambasting The Donald.  (We’re looking at you, Jim Acosta).

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Given the nature of the allegations in Wolff’s book, the President’s legal team was forced to attempt a cease and desist injunction against the publisher which ultimately failed.  Now, out in the wild is a torrid tome that even Wolff refuses to claim is all truth, citing a “looseness” with the facts as a style choice.

This has sent the liberal media into a full on panic, having dedicated massive resources to slyly reprinting the entire manuscript in their own pages through incessant future coverage of the fallout.  These dinosaur media outlets are now encouraging readers to interpret the most unbelievable bits of fiction as the most truthful.

The New York Times writes:

“It takes a thief to catch a thief, and Michael Wolff, with his new book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,’ is the ideal hustler to capture President Trump, whom Wolff describes as having a ‘twinkle in his eye, larceny in his soul.’ Wolff, if memory serves, is similar, minus the twinkle. Gimlet eyes don’t twinkle.

“Say what you will about Wolff: Unless the book is wholesale invention, something in his I’m-with-the-band swagger in the West Wing attracted awesomely sordid material from Trump’s scurvy syndicate. In John Sterling at Macmillan, the book has a masterful editor, and three fact-checkers reviewed it. So I’m betting ‘Fire and Fury’ will withstand whatever charges of journalistic impropriety come at it.

“But who cares, really? Wolff’s dislikable. He plays by his own rules. Big surprise. No one likable or rule-bound would have been able to abide this unsavory crew — Murdoch, Bannon, Roger Ailes, or, for God’s sake, Trump — long enough to squeeze this much big, fat, soapy story out of them.”

Here we have a bonafide fake news outlet claiming that we should believe the most outlandish things that anyone throws at us.  This is self-serving subliminal messaging at its most inventive.

To believe Wolff is to believe the New York Times, and few Americans of sound mind would find themselves inclined to do both.

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