Liberal Media Continue to Skew News Against Trump

As I watched the election returns come in late Tuesday night and early Monday morning, I laughed as the liberal news anchors and so-called political experts claimed to be shocked at Donald J. Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. More than one of the liberal reporters who had obviously been pro-Clinton from the very beginning, said that they never saw this coming. I also had to laugh as several liberal anchors pointed out that most of the major polls prior to the election indicated that Clinton would easily sail into victory.

Many of the national polls are run by liberals and they often limit their polling subjects to areas with heavy Democratic history such as large cities. I’ve also seen some polls intentionally poll younger voters, or specific ethnic groups in order to obtain the skewed results they want to report.

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When Trump spoke out against the problem of border security and immigration, the liberal press attacked him. When Trump spoke out about the economy, the liberal media attacked all of his proposed economic strategies. When Trump spoke out against the weakening of America’s military and strained foreign policy, they attacked him. Interestingly, Obama lacked any experience in military or foreign policy and yet the same liberal media didn’t see Obama’s lack of experience to be a problem but they make those charges against Trump. What really set the liberal media off was when Trump said that Hillary Clinton belonged in jail for breaking so many laws and lying to everyone about it.

And guess what? It all backfired on them! There were several polls that indicated that Trump would win, but rarely were these polls mentioned by the liberal media. They intentionally picked and chose what polls they would report and what ones they would ignore. They didn’t want anyone to have any idea that Trump could actually win the election or that he had any favorable numbers going into the election.

Then on Wednesday morning after the election, I noticed that the same mainstream media was still skewing the news against Donald Trump and his victory. Not only the mainstream network news skewed the news, but so did a number of online news websites. For example, featured the following news stories:

Across the World, Shock and Uncertainty at Trump’s Victory

US Stock Futures Pare Drop Amid Speculation on Trump Impact

Anti-Trump Demonstrators March in Berkeley and Oakland

Russia, China, ISIS: Trump Will Face Foreign Policy Challenge

Here’s How World Leaders Reacted to Donald Trump’s Election Upset

Trump’s Win Puts Undocumented Immigrants At Risk, But They’re Ready to Fight Back

Prospect of Trump Presidency Unnerves Companies, Economists

President-Elect Trump Could Make a World of Trouble Worse. Much Worse

The Donald Trump Who Won This Campaign Is Far Scarier Than the One Who Began It

What the Hell Just Happened?! Clinton, Trump and the Death of the Party

Democrats devastated by loss; some wonder if Sanders could have won

Donald Trump would have lost US election if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate

Donald Trump’s empty promises on infrastructure

Trump victory sparks angry protests across California: ‘Not my president’

Shouts of ‘Not my president!’ in California, following Trump victory was no different with many of the same posts as Google and these additional posts:

What Could Prevent Donald Trump’s Recession

Billionaires Bet Big on Market Crash (Shocking)

Protests Erupt Over Trump’s Presidential Win

Canada Immigration Website Appears to Crash as Trump Lead Grows

By Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the mainstream network television news was blaring reports and video of protests against Trump’s victory, taking place in a number of larger US cities. Virtually everyone the media interviewed was young – 20s and 30s, and were either female, Hispanic, LGBT or covered with tattoos and piercings. The news broadcasted that thousands of college students walked out of classes to join the protests where they held signs and chanted ‘Not My President.’

Some of Thursday morning’s online news articles c0ontinued with the negativity about Trump’s win:

One president, two Americas

‘Not my president:’ Trump denounced in protests across America

Donald Trump Protests: Thousands Take To The Streets Across US To Demonstrate Against President-Elect

Like it or not, Donald Trump won the election, but no matter what, the liberal mainstream media will never stop their relentless attack on him and the reason is obvious. Trump has been speaking the truth and saying what millions of Americans are feeling and the liberals don’t like it. They don’t like the truth because the truth is not what they support.

I didn’t like it when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won the presidency and never really considered them to be my president, but I took it like an adult and didn’t protest or walk off my job to take to the streets. Hey people, this is America and Donald Trump won. If you are that upset and angry over his victory then why don’t you pack up and leave to some other country that better shares your liberal and or socialist views!



Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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