Liberal Meddling on Travel Ban Can’t Stop This INSANE Refugee Statistic


Donald Trump’s promises to the American people included a strengthening of our national security with a two-headed attack on ISIS’ exploiting of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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ISIS, the international terror group that has been wreaking havoc all across the globe in recent years, has openly admitted to taking advantage of the foolish open border policies of many countries, particularly Germany and Sweden, in relocating lone wolf operatives to nations in which they plan to launch deadly attacks.  This threat was recognized by President Trump when he was merely candidate Trump, and he had a plan.

Trump would first invoke a travel ban for people attempting to enter the United States from a slate of nations with substantial ties to the international terror organization.  During this temporary and necessary ban, he and his administration would work with the greatest minds that the nation has to offer in creating and executing a process of “extreme vetting” in order to determine the motives, and ultimately the safety, of those wishing to join the American experience.

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Unfortunately for Trump, and for the American people, this plan for national security has been leveled by meddling liberal judges, one of whom was visited by former President Barack Obama mere hours after his order defeated the ban, solidifying the collusion that has occurred.

But, even without the ability to legally challenge these refugees before they are allowed to enter America, there has been a dramatic shift in the demographics.

“The number of refugees admitted to the United States dropped in March to its lowest monthly tally of the current fiscal year, even as the implementation of President Trump’s latest immigration executive order continues to be held up by federal courts.

“In a continuing declining trend, 2,070 refugees arrived during March, an approximately 54.79 percent drop from the 4,579 recorded in February, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.

“The number has steadily declined in FY 2017, from 9,945 refugees admitted to the U.S. last October, to 8,355 in November, 7,371 in December and 6,777 in January.”

While Trump may have been temporarily defeated in court, it seems that his plan to make America great again is still operating at nearly full speed.

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