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Liberal Lunatics Come for Matrimony with “Husband”, “Wife” Outrage

The vile scourge of political correctness that has gripped the nation over the course of the last few decades is coming into an era of pure absurdity in 2018.

Of course, we have no one to blame for this except the liberal left and their divisive brand of partisan politicking.  Without their small, manageable factions of isolated voter demographics, progressives have an incredibly difficult time convincing the world at large of the merits of their mania.

So, instead of working to appeal to a large swath of America, the democratic identity splinters into guerrilla infantries, all with a specific demographic to conquer.  If the left can simply push a fringe group to split into two, they’ve hit the jackpot, gripping ever so tight to their newly formed voter group with one scaly paw while simply tightening their death grip on the original.

The current infatuation with gender that the left has displayed has now mutated into an attack on biology, anatomy, and tradition, as these semantic savages are ready to abolish the words “husband” and “wife”.

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“In its guidelines for the use of gender-inclusive language, the University of Dayton proposes the elimination of the gender-specific terms of ‘husband’ and ‘wife, substituting them with ‘spouse, partner, significant other.’

“Despite the fact that the Catholic Church views matrimony as a stable union between a man and a woman, the Catholic college informs its students that ‘gender neutral language does not assume a gender with the individual who is being discussed’ and thus spouse, partner and significant other are preferable to the traditional terms of husband and wife.

“The watchful eyes at The College Fix, a conservative, student-staffed campus watchdog site, discovered the curious norms being fed to students and staff reached out to university officials for comment.

“’The gender inclusive language is an educational resource — it is neither a guide nor an advisory nor does it represent University of Dayton or Women’s Center policy — and has been posted on the website for at least three years,’ read a statement provided to The College Fix. ‘It is an educational resource geared to assist those who prefer to use gender inclusive language as well as those who wish to avoid assuming the gender of an individual being discussed.'”

This is now on top of the 70-some pronouns that we are all magically supposed to be using in 2018, denoting all of the 70-some genders that the left has invented.

If there is one positive that can be gleaned from this liberal lunacy it is that we will soon be able to identify radical leftists in our midst by their strange, nonsensical language alone.

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