Liberal Lunacy: California Adding Third Gender to Identification Cards?

The current trend toward American gender neutrality continues to push forward, unsurprisingly, in California.

The liberal stronghold has been at the forefront of reality-bending leftist initiatives, especially as it pertains to former President Barack Obama’s bizarre obsession with the minute fraction of Americans who identify themselves as “transgender”.  The movement, which has found itself trending in recent months thanks to this democratic push and the reality television focus brought about by Caitlyn, nee Bruce, Jenner, has become political fodder for the radical left who believe that bullying the nation on their pronouns is the best way to create positive change in our nation.

California, of course, has followed suit, continuing their long history of siding with the progressive left in whatever their cause du jour happens to be.  Now, the Bear Republic is eyeing a plan to add a third gender to their identification cards and drivers’ licenses, bucking biology and reality in the process.

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“The California Senate has already passed SB179, which would introduce a third gender option for state identification. Currently, driver’s licenses and other forms of official identification only contain options for male or female. The bill would allow a third option, which would likely be ‘X,’ according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The bill allowing people to identify as ‘nonbinary’ will be considered in the California Assembly. It would also make it easier for transgender people to make sure legal state documents appropriately reflect their gender.

“According to the Transgender Law Center, California law currently allows people to change their gender marker on birth certificates without having had gender reassignment surgery.”

 According to some of the more progressive liberals in the LGBT world, even this “X” won’t satisfy the needs of the transgender agenda.
California certainly isn’t alone in their capitulation to these societal hijackers either.  Oregon was the first state to allow for identification cards and drivers’ licenses to display a gender other than male or female, which, to the uninitiated seems like a bit of a catastrophe of phrases.
Opponents of the move toward gender neutrality argue that the cost of restructuring our entire society for those affected by gender identity issues will be exorbitant and unnecessary, especially considering that there is no limit to how many “genders” the liberal world could create.
For those underage college students who wish to go drinking at a bar, perhaps California will soon allow them to identify as a 21 year old.

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