Liberal Leader Attacks First Amendment to Secure Future Democrat Dominance [VIDEO]

When Dianne Feinstein attacks “Russia” she is really calling for a state-controlled media.

In the video below Dianne Feinstein attacks “hacking” and “disinformation.”

In response to the full interview, The Hill reports,

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Sunday that the future of American democracy is at stake, referencing Russia’s hacking of Democratic political organizations.

“I’m certainly not going to leave this in limbo, because this is the future of America. It’s the future of democracy,” Feinstein told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

First of all, lets point out a truth that the Democrats want you to forget: The First Amendment allows for information that was obtained illegally to be published. We all have the right to keep information private (despite the fact that the government often violates that right with impunity) but we don’t have the right to get the government to censor that information once it has been obtained.

When the New York Times got hold (somehow) of one of Donald Trump’s past tax returns they had no qualms about publishing it and faced no legal consequences. That’s what the First Amendment means and that was been understood in the courts for a long time.

So, yes, whoever hacked the emails committed a crime, but releasing information does not constitute an attack on American Constitutional democracy. On the contrary, the system is working the way it should. If the Democrats don’t want their corruption and cheating and collusion with the media to hurt them in elections, they need to give up those practices so that the voters won’t be scandalized.

When Feinstein attacks Russia, she is actually attacking the First Amendment, just like Hillary Clinton.

The Russians at most, if they actually had anything to do with it, simply gave the American voters more information than the Democrats wanted them to have.  The U.S. has done much worse. Indeed, since when does any politician in the United States have the moral high ground to condemn any other government for allegedly hacking emails? The U.S. government has been hacking the email of Americans through Yahoo and Microsoft and probably every other tech company.

The NSA, remember, has been hacking the phones of “allies” and using their criminal power to commit industrial espionage. The U.S. has been interfering in the self-government of democracies all over the world. If the country is lucky, they merely experience our hacking and propaganda!

We even send our Ambassadors to side with the defeated opposition party and lecture sovereign legislatures to defy their own voters.

And now Dianne Feinstein is blaming this alleged behavior—the kind our “intelligence community” engages in all the time—for the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

There is one aspect of the accusation that does ring true. I strongly suspect that the Russian government preferred Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. That’s because, like a majority of Americans, the Russian government feared greatly the start of World War III. Like the majority of Americans, they wanted to see ISIS defeated rather than helped in the name of regime change in Syria.

Russia is closer to American values than the Democrats.

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