Liberal Lawyer Defends Trump from Deep State

Poor Jonathan Turley.

The liberal lawyer, legal scholar, and college professor probably feels as though he is living in some weird twisted episode of the Twilight Zone.

The man that the left used to turn to when they needed a good defense of their beliefs and ideas, has been forced in recent days to tirelessly defend President Trump.

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It is not witness tampering. It doesn’t even come close to that standard. You know, there wasn’t any plan for testimony on this point.

But more importantly, it doesn’t meet the statutory definition…

We have to be careful that everything the president does is not some perpetual motion machine under the criminal code. Everything he does is not necessarily a crime. It can be ill-advised. It can be even moronic. But, there is an effort to try to find crimes in everything that occurs here.

There are serious problems here. There’s a legitimate investigation going forward. This was a remarkably bad idea, but I don’t think we should start talking about witness tampering.

Turley is no Trump supporter but he has been surprised by the level of vitriol, hatred, and illogical attacks on the Trump administration over the last few months.

Time and time again he’s been forced to appear on cable news shows to explain to the media that there is simply NO EVIDENCE that the Trump team has done anything wrong… ever. (See here, here, and here.)

Poor guy.

Onan Coca

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