Liberal Lawmaker Destroys Bikini Cake and Demonstrates Liberal Hypocrisy

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“When Louisiana [Democrat] state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson saw her colleague’s birthday cake, she decided to take care of the offending dessert herself. The senator walked into an area used as a break room at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge before a budget hearing Friday morning and saw a birthday cake for state Rep. Mark Abraham. On the box was a sign reading, ‘Happy Birthday Mark Abraham. He likes his cake and eats it too!!!!’”

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“She told Mashable in a phone call Friday evening that she immediately noticed the bikini-shaped cake with candles coming out of the breasts and a purple unicorn tattoo above the panty line.”

“Carter said she approached Abraham about the dessert and traced back the cake as a gift from state Rep. Jack McFarland and his wife.1 She then told the birthday boy, ‘It’s rather offensive,’ and continued to chew him out. ‘I said some language I’m not proud of using,’ the senator admitted. She said she apologized later for using harsh language.

“The state senator said he told her to cover up the cake if she was uncomfortable with it, so Peterson went one step further and smashed the sign into the cake and then threw it away.”


We can all agree that state Sen. Peterson was upset about the cake, found it offensive, and believed it was inappropriate for any venue at the Louisiana State Capitol, including the breakroom.

I wonder if state Sen. Peterson is familiar with another cake imbroglio that resulted in a $135,000 fine. The fine was levied against a bakery in Oregon where the owners would not make a cake for a same-sex wedding. Sweet Cakes by Melissa did not refuse to bake a cake; the bakery only refused to bake a cake with a message they disagreed with.

Would Sen. Peterson have been within her rights if she owned a bakery and refused to make such a cake? Of course.

Should a bakery be forced to make an offensive bikini cake? I’m guessing that most people would agree that a bakery should not be forced to make such a cake or any cake that the bakery owners found offensive and/or went against their values. If one bakery refused to make a bikini cake, those requesting the cake most likely would have gone to another bakery that would have made the cake and taken their money.

This is simply common sense and the foundation of liberty. But when it comes to same-sex marriages and cakes, neither common sense nor liberty applies. Anyone who refuses to accept and promote same-sex sexuality must be severely punished even if it’s just about a cake. Outrage only applies to liberal causes.

Case in point. “Fashion designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed the current first lady Michelle Obama, offered a preemptive refusal to hypothetically dress the next first lady, Melania Trump, should she ask for some of her clothes.” What!? “Remember how it was the height of bigotry for religious objectors to decline to participate in a gay wedding? But now it’s brave to decline to sell Melania Trump a dress.” The hypocrisy is thick with these people.

No business should be forced to promote a message it disagrees with. A Jewish bakery should not be forced to make a cake for a Nazi-themed wedding. A black-owned bakery should not be forced to make a cake for a KKK-themed wedding. A bakery owned by Christians should not be forced to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

It’s not just same-sex wedding cakes that are being forced to be made. Printers have been attacked for not printing pro-same-sex messages on T-shirts but most likely would not have been attacked if they had refused to print pro-Donald Trump T-shirts. No one sued a bakery for not making a Trump cake: “A Facebook post shared by a Bossier Parish teen is getting a lot of attention. It reads, ‘Just left Albertsons. The woman behind the cake counter just refused to make me a birthday cake because I wanted Trump 2016 on it. Did that really just happen.'”

LGBT-owned businesses “expressed support for a Kentucky-based Christian print shop owner who refused to print pro-LGBT T-shirts, . . . ‘No one should be forced to do something against what they believe in,’ said Diane DiGeloromo, one owner of BMP T-shirts, a lesbian-owned business, according to a statement issued by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which, along with scholars and businesses, came to the defense of Blaine Adamson, the owner of a Lexington print shop called Hands on Originals.

“‘If we were approached by an organization such as the [controversial] Westboro Baptist Church, I highly doubt we would be doing business with them, and we would be very angry if we were forced to print anti-gay T-shirts,’ DiGeloromo said. ‘This isn’t a gay or straight issue. This is a human issue.’”

Exactly! This point has been made numerous times. No one should be forced to do business with someone whose message is contrary to one’s own.

If it’s appropriate to express outrage over a bikini cake and its message, then it’s appropriate to refuse to make a cake with a message that supports same-sex marriage whether you or anyone else agrees or disagrees.

  1. The cake was made by McFarland’s wife. Maybe she was too embarassed to have a bakery make it. 

Gary DeMar

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