Liberal Laughingstocks at Google Caught With Pants Down in Gender Pay Gap


Google has not been shy in flexing their leftist and globalist muscle in recent months, working actively to behoove the interests of the liberal ideology.

Not only does Google basically run the internet through their sophisticated and invasive search engine technology, the massive tech firm has breached out into extremely invasive, and pervasive, projects as of late.  Now, after teaming up with Facebook and Twitter to attack the First Amendment, Americans have taken notice of an important fact regarding Google’s entire ethos:  They are paying women far less than men.

“An investigation of Google Inc. has found it systematically pays female employees less than their male counterparts, U.S. Department of Labor officials said, a claim that adds to allegations of gender bias in Silicon Valley.

“The Labor Department found the gender-pay gap during a routine probe into whether Google, a federal contractor, is complying with laws that prohibit contractors from discriminating against applicants or employees.

“The department is suing Google to compel the company to disclose more compensation data for its investigation. At a procedural hearing before a federal administrative law judge in San Francisco on Friday, Labor Department Regional Director Janette Wipper  said the agency “found systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce” at Google, according to the Guardian newspaper, which attended the hearing. “

Google has attempted to maintain an almost laughable standard of employee happiness, through a carefully constructed propaganda campaign.  However, as the company grows, and more employees pass through their unwashed ranks, the truth of the internet giant’s trespasses will certainly become apparent.


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