This Liberal Judge Just Put an End to Women’s Sports

Sorry ladies. The Obama Administration’s liberal minions and judges just ended women’s sports. The liberal argument currently being made for restrooms is not based on biology, but on what a person “feels they are”. Most commentators are rightfully afraid that this opens the door for “perverted” men to pose as women and freely enter women’s locker rooms and rest rooms. It does much more. It makes men eligible to play in women’s sports leagues. The new liberal definition of a woman is anyone who feels like they are a woman, including athletics.


This redefinition could be very advantageous for some men. Say a male basketball player isn’t good enough to receive a scholarship at a major college, but is capable of starring were he to play on the women’s team. By creating this new definition, the basketball player can compete and earn a scholarship on the women’s team. Why should this male be punished by a societal definition? The student could also join the women’s basketball team and if he had average athletic ability for a male, would likely become a dominant force competing against “traditional” females. The student might enjoy being the star of the women’s team, rather than a bench-warmer for the men’s team. There are many good female athletes, but in a standard population the top women cannot play hoops as well as the top men.

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Or take it to the next level. Here’s a potential real world example that would be rocking the professional sports world in California were the societal definition to change.

Candace Parker plays for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks where she reportedly makes around $100,000 a year. A pittance compared to the NBA, but still a nice salary. Candace is listed on the roster as a center/forward and is 6′ 4” tall. She is also one of the few women who have dunked the basketball in games. In the NBA, forwards are usually a 6′ 8” and up. 6′ 4” is a good size for a guard. Anyone watching an NBA game or even an NCAA college game will realize men of that size routinely dunk the ball. They tend to be extremely athletic.

So here’s the opportunity for a male basketball player to be a star, and make $100,000 per year. Just claim to be a woman inside and try-out for the Sparks. A male 6′ 7” small forward who is not good enough to play in the NBA, is capable of being a dominating center in the WNBA – easily dunking against the smaller women. Maybe the man sells it buy growing “her” hair out a little and wearing lip gloss.

The Bible and Constitution Made America Great. P 328

This was written over a year ago before liberals began to use the judicial system and their activist judges to rewrite common sense law with respect to gender. The federal government has already established its precedent for dictating “equality” in college education. Expect the full force of government from a liberal administration to expand this equality to trans-people.

Why would man do this? It is important to realize that college costs $30,000-$60,000 per year. How long will it take for men to realize there are full ride scholarships available by making the women’s NCAA teams? It’s a great way to pay for college. Liberals don’t even require that the man grow out his hair or wear make-up. He just needs to claim he is a transitioning woman.

What will ESPN do with the first trans-gender woman WNBA player? They tried to turn Michael Sam into a hero for being the first openly homosexual NFL player. Won’t they also praise the first transgender woman to play in the WNBA? Even more so if “she” is actually a superstar in the league? Once you get one trans-woman breaking the barrier, more will surely follow. Who will be left out? The real women who can no longer compete with the bigger stronger trans-women. But, at least the real women can warm the bench and date their trans-woman star teammates. After all, many of the trans-women will end up being “lesbian” and be very interested in dating other women.

Hillary Clinton has given every indication of continuing the Obama Administration path should she become president. She will control the Justice department and nominate the federal judges that will carry out these policies. There are consequences to voting for her.


Scot Wolf

Scot Wolf received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Honors. He is a lifelong Christian, who has completed courses on biblical study, and believes science and faith can be integrated in forming a worldview. Read more about the US Constitution's founding and how America has deviated from it in: The Bible and Constitution Made America Great by Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens available at

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