Liberal “Journalist” says “Hillary Clinton is the Rightful President-elect of the United States”

His article has since been updated with clarifications at the beginning, one being that he’s not a news reporter, but a commentator, and his piece was only his opinion. He notes that he’s not a Huffington Post staff writer, and he doesn’t get paid to contribute to Huffington Post. 

Alex Mohajer’s article was entitled, “Hillary Clinton is the Rightful President-elect of the United States.” His op-ed attempted to give evidence that Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia goes back decades, even pointing to an article from 1987 that claimed the Soviets groomed Trump to run for president.

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Not only was Trump’s alleged longstanding relationship with Russia reason to enjoin him from taking office on January 20th, but also the fact that Hillary got more votes than he did. (I know. I thought they were done with that tired excuse. I guess not.)

“’l’ll put it like this,” Mohajer quoted pollster and FiveThirtyEight’s Editor-in-Chief Nate Silver as saying. “Clinton would almost certainly be President-elect if the election had been held on October 27.”

There’s no way anyone can know that, because the election wasn’t held on October 27. It was on November 8. There’s a reason there’s a thing called the “October surprise.” It’s a last-minute attempt to derail the candidacy of your opponent by releasing some bombshell accusation or evidence of wrongdoing close enough to election day that your opponent has no time to respond. Trump had to deal with the fallout from leaked footage from Access Hollywood. This is how the game is played.

Oh, and there’s that other thing. The Electoral College. Yes, Hillary Clinton reportedly won more popular votes. But she didn’t have widespread national support. Trump did. We could say – along the lines of what Silver said – that if only California weren’t allowed to vote, Trump would have gotten more votes.

Tucker Carlson took on Alex Mohajer in an interview. Take a look:


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